Questicon Help Your Fellow Man
Start Combat Instructor Theslar Itterson
End Abdelmaseh Edael
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 0
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Take Your Pick
Previous Quest Flailing Arms


Find Abdelmaseh Edael at his farm.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Sorry is for humping hoppies!

So stop staring holes into the carapace and head over to Edael's farm to see if you can help the poor sod!

Head south from here and follow the path parallel to the town walls. You'll find him near the farm and crop fields there.

Now move, maggot!

In your Log:Edit

Combat Instructor theslar Itterson has tasked you with seeking out Abdelmaseh Edael, who has asked for some assistance from recruits.

Abdelmaseh Edael runs a small farm near the road that runs between the two gates leading into Hawksmouth.


I see...

Luckily it's a small matter... Nothing serious.

Quest ChainEdit


This quest was removed in patch