Questicon Haystack Diving
Start Deckhand Stuyvan
End Deckhand Stuyvan
Level 1
Category Deadspell Quests
Fame 840
Location Deadspell Storm
Next Quest The Incredible Crates
Previous Quest The Menacing Dummies


Search the Haystack for a key to the deck.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I think i lost the key to the deck when i was taking a nap in the hay back this morning.

Could you go and find it, pretty please?

It's probably inside one of those haystacks, alongside all the needles.

In your Log:Edit

Deckhand Stuyvan lost the key to the deck and wants you to find it. He thinks he lost the key in the haystacks.

Return to Deckhand Stuyvan after you have found the key


Ah wonderful, now I just have one last request.

Quest ChainEdit


The haystacks are right where the dummies were.