Questicon Got To Get them All
Start Tower Commander Gula
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~2551
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest None
Previous Quest The Late Reports



Quest Locations

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Accepting the Quest:Edit

It should be yes, now if you would excuse me, I have a report to write!

I'll be seeing you later on.

In your Log:Edit

It seems that Commander Gula at the Central Guard Tower has not finished his report. Not due to being lax like the Militia Commander expected, but because things are going on around the Central Tower.

Gula has asked you to gather all the command reports from the various towers and bring them to commander Dalheart at the main square of Hawksmouth. The reports you have to gather can be obtained from the Tower Commander at the Northern Guard Tower and the two Defensive Watch Towers around the Docks and ballista.

Gula's report will be ready when you have collected the other reports first, so return to him once you have the other three reports in hand.


Well, well, well... I never thought that i would get all these reports! You saved me a lot of time and energy by bringing them all to me.

You have my thank recruit! And let this be a lesson to you, should you be responsible for something in the future, then you should take that responisibility and place it above all else.

I will read the reports later, thought I wonder what Gula's excuse for being late will be. And if Velmar has even one unneeded reference to a sgardship in there he's going to be cleaning lavatories for a year!

Quest ChainEdit

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