Questicon Flailing Arms
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Combat Instructor Theslar Itterson
Level 1
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 720
Rewards 0 Gold 0 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest  ???
Previous Quest First Steps


1. Defeat Practice Dummies using Hack and Slash 0/4
2. Return to Instructor Itterson
3. Shoot Practice Targets at the practice shooting range. 0/4
4. Return to Instructor Itterson

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Well recruit, you'd better know how to unsheathe your weapon, you boulder-tugging maggot! Do so now and walk up to one of those 'voluntarily participating'... ehr... Practice Dummies...

By the Eight tugging Demons themselves! Where in the bloody storms are those volunteers!?

Ah, whatever! Just use Hack or Slach on them. And those volunteers had better think about the consequa... consequi... consangui... about what happens because of their action! Now, move soldier! Move!

In your Log:Edit

Commander Dalheart has sent you to Theslar Itterson to learn the basics of combat.
Follow his Training and Complete your training to start you duties for the Enclave proper.


Lucky you then, there wont be a next time!

All this training is taking up too much time and we have too much other things to attend to as it is. At least you did hit the target, and that means you are 'functional'.

Not to put those 'functions' to the test.

Quest ChainEdit


This quest was removed in patch

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