Questicon Five Little Shoaten
Start Luro
End Luro
Level 3
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~105
Rewards 2 Silver 
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest
Previous Quest


Kill Adult Shoaten 0/7

Accepting the Quest:Edit

There! Behind me! Every time I turn my back all I can hear is their obnoxious noises. Please help me! If you kill a few maybe they will stop making so much noise and leave the area. Five should be enough.

What do you say Name? Will you help me out?

In Log:Edit

Luro seems to be driven a bit crazy by the nearby Adult Shoaten population. He has asked for your help to drive away their obnoxious noises. Killing some Adult Shoaten near Luro should help to keep the noise under control and help Luro return to his normal self.


Ha-ha! No I wouldn't do that to you! Thanks for your help!

Quest ChainEdit

  • Five Little Shoaten