Questicon First Steps
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Combat Instructor Theslar Itterson
Level 1
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame 360
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Flailing Arms
Previous Quest None


Repport to Instructor Itterson outside the Razor gate on the double!

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Very good recruit!

Now i bet your combat skills are rusty and even if you are some kind of combat veteran, some training to hone your skills is always good for your ego!

Report to Instrustor Theslar Itterson. He will get you back on track in no time! You can find Itterson at the training grounds to the east, just outside the Razor Gate. In the meantime I will fill out the necessary paperwork to include you into the Enclave Militia.

Dismissed recruit!

In your Log:Edit

As you have probably done the whole registration process before, Commander Dalheart has sent you to Instructor Theslar Itterson at once! You are to start your refreasher course in combat-training at the earlliest convenience.

Report to Combat Instructor Theslar Itterson at the training grounds outside Hawksmouth near the Razor gate at once.

The Razor gate is located near the forge.


Fresh Meat for the Grinder! Another Recruit to fill the ranks of the Enclave! By the look in your eyes, you seem to be as fresh as a newly baked pie, but you certainly don't smell like one!

Time to get some muscle on those bones and to burn some of that excess Fat.

Quest ChainEdit


This quest was removed in patch