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Questicon Finding Razkam
Start Kaarlo Seros
End Kaarlo Seros
Level 4
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~235
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth, The Gilded Leaf
Next Quest Reporting A Crime
Previous Quest I Bring A Message


  • Check the alley behind the Tavern for Razkam
    • Defeat your Assailant
      • Mention Razkam's dead body to Kaarlo seros in the guilded leaf tevern

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I have no idea where Razkam went, Perhaps you should check out the alley behind the inn. For all I know he might still be passed out on a heap of sick just laying there.

I haven't checked to be honest, I couldn't care less.

In your Log:Edit

Kaarlo Seros in the Gilded Leaf Tavern has pointed you to the alley behind the tavern to look for Razkam. It might be he passed out drunken there.

Inform Kaarlo Seros of Razkam's whereabout should you find him.


What? Wait, motionless you say... as in DEAD!? How can this be? Oh no! This is terrible!

Oh no! This won't reflect all too well on my fine establishment! Tuggin no!

Quest ChainEdit


Razkam's body is behind a few crates, upon inspecting it you will be attacked by Robber Krudster

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