Questicon Ecological Order
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Netha Boraxx
Level 4
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame 604
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Thinning The Pack
Previous Quest none


Find out what Netha Boraxx wants

Accepting the Quest:Edit

This assignment is tricky as it involves the local wildlife, so I'm figuring you might need to deploy some weaponry recruit.

It seems that Netha Boraxx, The wife of tht lumberjack Jathal Boraxx, has stumbled upon something interesting. According to her claims the local wildlife is acting strange and has disturbingly been reported as attacking just about anything that comes near them.

I want you to out to the lumberyard and talk to Mrs. Boraxx. See if it is in your power to help her ascertain if these occurrences she witnessed were a one-off or if the wildlife is actually acting strange. Use any means neccesary to get to the bottom of this.

Dismissed, recruit!

In your Log:Edit

Commander Dalheart has sent you to talk to Netha Boraxx, the wife of the man with a grudge against the Enclave Militia.

According to the report written by the Forward Patrol, she has stumbled on a strange situation regarding the local wildlife.

You are to see what Netha has to say and help her if you can be of assistance. You can find the lumberyard where Netha is currently residing by following the road leading out of the southern gate of Hawksmouth.


Ah yes, there are some strange things going on around these parts of the forest. If you want, let me tell you something about what has been happening lately.

Quest ChainEdit

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