Questicon Death To Wolves
Start Solon Kauko
End Solon Kauko
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~647
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Less Wolves, More Fetiches
Previous Quest


  • Collect Wiry Wolf Tails 0/8
  • Collect Wolf Paws 0/8

Accepting the Quest:Edit

You think so? Hmm.. Well these paws and wiry tails don't just detach themselves from a wolf of course! Silly recruit, you didn't think they did, did you?

No, the fetishes get made because recruits like yourself go out in the field and match wits against wolves.

I want you to bring me 8 Wiry Tails and 8 Wolf Paws so I can make some wolf fetiches.

Just remember, try to keep your distance from them, wolves are ferocious when cornered.

Oh and keep in mind recruit, that not every wolf has a wiry tail, some have ugly stumps or ragged looking tails and those simply won't do.

Off you go!

In Log:Edit

Solon Kauko at the small hunters camp wants you to gather 8 Wiry Tails and 8 Wolf Paws from the local wolf population so he can create a Wolf Fetich.

Return to him at the Hunter Expedition when you have the items he wants.

Keep in mind that solon already said that not every wolf has a Wiry Tail so collecting those might take longer.


Why sew them into fetiches of course. What? Did you think I just stood here staring into the woods whenever there isn't a recruit around to chat with?

Haha! Some fun that would be. Nope, I keep myself busy; it helps me to put some coins in my purse. The more superstitious sailors are, the more Fetiches i sell.

Quest ChainEdit