Questicon Chartered
Start Captain Vaele Jorne
End Captain Vaele Jorne
Level 1
Category Deadspell Quests
Fame 945
Location Deadspell Storm
Next Quest
Previous Quest The Incredible Crates


Pick up the navigational charts scattered across the deck

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Yes, I could. But you seem competent and besides, I ordered him to clean up all the hay in the hold together with those crates. You wouldn't perhaps know if he already finished would you?

Ah, nevermind, it's not important. Could you please go down and fetch our navigational charts?

In your Log:Edit

Captain Jorne wants you to quickly gather all of the navigational charts on deck, before they all blow off into the Deadspell Storm.

Return to captain Jorne after you have gathered all of them.


Alright, alright, no need to panic!

No need at all!

By the oracle! What are those things on deck?!

Quest ChainEdit