Questicon Captain's Logs
Start Tactician Gannard
End Guard Captain Vhar
Level 7
Category Aldenvault Quests
Fame ~1041
Rewards 50 Copper
Next Quest Nails And Not Those Little Ones
Previous Quest A Keen Mind On Fortification


  • Fetch 5 sturdy wooden logs 0/5

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Nice what? You are a weird recruit do you know that? I studied tactics over at House Rune during my Initiation rite and during that time I've never seen someone like you.

Anyway, Captain Vhar over there actually makes the fortifications; I came up with the idea. So what I'd like you to do – oh, weird one – is gather five Sturdy Wooden Logs from the surrounding forests and bring them to Captain Vhar.

He'll probably need other materials, but you will find out what he after you hand in the logs. I suggest you get going, the sooner you get the wood, the sooner we can start fortifying!

In your Log:Edit

Tactician Gannard needs your help constructing an Enclave fortification. Or rather, you have to build it for him.

You first need to collect five Sturdy Wooden Logs and bring them to Guard Captain Vhar at the Arden Nave. You can find the logs all around the tower in Armourgrave Fields, Wagonwood and Aldenvault.


Oi, listen to me, ranting to the nearest recruit dragging along logs!

Sorry for that outburst. But if we do not do something soon, we will be building these fortifications for the outsed, not against them.

Now let's see what you brought along.

Quest ChainEdit


The logs are stacked and are scattered around the woods all around the watch tower. The best area to search is the forest north of the tower. Watch out for level 15 Tiny Tykes.