Questicon The Incredible Crates
Start Deckhand Stuyvan
End Captain Vaele Jorne
Level 1
Category Deadspell Quests
Fame 431
Location Deadspell Storm
Next Quest Chartered
Previous Quest The Incredible Crates


Find the captain at the Helm

Accepting the Quest:Edit

you can find HER at the helm. Woah, you must have been exhausted when you arrived here last night if you forgot about her already?

Now, up you go! I've got bits of wood and Hay to clean up.

In your Log:Edit

With the door to the deck finally unlocked, you can go and talk to captain Jorne. Who, as Stuyvan reminded you, is female.

You can find Captain Jorne at the Helm above the deck.


I'd say for about 12 hours. Either the excitement of joining the Enclave Militia completely drained you, or whatever you worked as before this took a hefty toll on you. Can't blame you though, missing the recruit ship to Hawksmouth is quite a predicament.

If you want my advice Name... Name is your name right? Yeah then i remember correctly... Then you'd better sit down a while, don't exhaust yourself.

But since you're here anyway, you might as well make yourself useful. No such thing as a completely free trip i'm afraid.

Quest ChainEdit