Questicon Reporting To Dalheart
Start Captain Vaele Jorne
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 1
Category Deadspell Quests
Location Deadspell Storm
Next Quest
Previous Quest Chartered


Find Commander Dalheart in Hawksmouth Town

Accepting the Quest:Edit

With those extra skills under your belt you should be fine. Now remember: Hawksmouth Docks is just the start. Considering you are running late for the normal recruitment procedures it seems wise you seek out commander Dalheart. He's a still active war veteran from Tyraku's Tyranny years ago and now handles the enclave militia from within town.

To get there just head west from the docks, you'll pass the areas of Hawk's Landing and Hawk's Wall before reaching Hawksmouth Town. Just remember, if you ever want to leave the shard of parliament, you will have to become a member of one of the five high houses to become a proper citizen. That will allow you to use the normal commercial shardships instead of little ol'barrages like these.

So are you ready to enter hawksmouth and find this Commander Dalheart? Then good luck Name! Hopefully we will meet again as equal citizens!

In your Log:Edit

You are almost ready to start your career as new recruit in the enclave militia. The only thing left to do is to find commander dalheart and report to him far to the west of the docks in Hawksmouth Town.

Report to Commander Dalheart to start your recruitment period.


Quest ChainEdit