Questicon Assault On The Lumberyard
Start Netha Boraxx
End Netha Boraxx
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~1630
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Lumberyard Assignment Report
Previous Quest Results And Solutions


1.Place the bag of Boar Bait on the ground.
2.Kill the attracted Young Wild Boars

Accepting the Quest:Edit

In order for the boar population to decreave even further we need to take out the boars that are highest in their pack. I have mixed up a concoction of the mushroom you picked and added some of my own herbs and things to it.

If we take out the boars that are most agressive, we might stand a chance of making sure this never happens again.

Take the bait and place it on the stump over there. It will attract Young boars, very agressive ones mind you. When they come running your way, well, then you fight!

In your Log:Edit

Netha Boraxx has asked you to use the bag of boar bait you obtained from the Hunter Expedition and place it on the large stump just outside the Lumber Yard. Wait for the Attracted Young Boars to come to you and then take them all out.

With the most hungry boars out of the way, erhaps the ecology can start anew.


Whew, that was quite a battle!

Hopefully the effort you took to slay the most aggressive of their sort will put a dent in their aggressiveness for a while!

There is one last thing i would like you to do for me if you will.


You can get a new bag of boar bait from Netha Boraxx if someone steals a kill from you.

Quest ChainEdit