Questicon A Strange Veteran
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Vorge Pahton
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~1475
Rewards Brightscale Shirt (Sleeveless)
Next Quest A Red Shirt
Previous Quest


  • Find and talk to Vorge Pahton
    • Take the Requisition Order to Kyrianida Iva at the Forge in Hawksmouth
      • Bring the package to Vorge Pahton

Accepting the Quest:Edit

You are more then welcome Name, more then welcome! Dismissed Recruit!

In your Log:Edit

Now that you have proven yourself to the Militia and to the people of Hawksmouth, you are being transferred to the training camp of Lieutenant Commander Stalwart in Aldenvault village. The village lies to the west once you exit the cavernous tunnel in Aldenvault.

But before you go there you should drop by one of the most decorated veterans alive, Vorge Pahton, who can usually be found near the registration desk in front of city hall in Hawksmouth.


You what you can call someone who's paranoid? Someone who's lived past thirty!

Anyway, inspection's complete! The Shirt is safe and meets ste stringent regulations of Militia gear. Wear it with pride, because you earned it.

Quest ChainEdit


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