Questicon A Shady Character
Start Tower Commander Gula
End Enclave Delegate Theleg Bournbay
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~1058
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Motivated Salesmanship
Previous Quest Probable Cause


Accepting the Quest:Edit

Over the last few days I have been getting some disturbing reports from Enclave Delegate Theleg Bournbay at the docks. He tells of a shady stranger that has been performing some illegal activities apparently, but it's hard to confront him, being in such a neutral position.

I would like to ask you if you can go question this shady character. You are authorized to use force if neccesary to get statisfactory answers out of him.

Report to Theleg Bournbay at the docks with your findings.

In your Log:Edit

Travel to the southern end of the docks and question a shady dockworker there. Use force of neccesary to find out what he's up to.

Report to Theleg Bournbay on the Hawksmouth Docks when you find something.


A travelling salesman? Here? In Hawk's Landing?

I don't remember issuing a temporary merchant permit for Hawk's Landing recently, and I'm sure Delegate Moyranin wouldn't have had the time to issue one either.

Never mind that you must have some kind of financial deathwish if you want to trade here, right under the nose of house silver and with fierce competition from the Belgias Bros. Syndicate at the same time!

Interesting... Interesting indeed.

Quest ChainEdit


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