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Questicon Return To Commander Gula
Start Tower Commander Gula
End Tower Commander Gula
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~671
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest A Coordinated Assault
Previous Quest Return To Commander Gula


  • Find a good place for the Memory Crystal

Accepting the Quest:Edit

The woods south of here are usually crawling with dodos and bears, but there's also a clearing which seemed to become quite busy in recent days. A few of the guards thought they saw some ousted, but combined with that salesman transporting Ousted weaponry it's pretty clear their eyes weren't cheating them.

Now what needs to be done is something that is quite dangerous. I'd send one of the guards, but they are all out on, heh, guard duty.

I'm going to give you a Memory Crystal and all you have to do is place it on somewhere stable near the clearing in the woods to the south. Just follow the road to the south at the trisection over there to the east.

When placed, the crystal will create a visual recording of what's happening there. Return then to me so i can decode the image from here and use that to try and identify what is happening there.

Be very careful, Name. Don't enter the open area, all I want to know is who or what is calling it his home.

In your Log:Edit

In the woods southwest of the central guard tower is a mysterious encampment filled with strangers and Commander Gula wants to know what is going on in there.

The Commander has handed you a Memory Crystal and wants you to place it on a crate or whatever is handy, without it being too obviously placed. Capture whatever is going on in the small camp and keep an eye out on any suspicious individuals.

Return to the Commander once you have enough information gathered into the crystal.


Excellent work, Name. Once I decode the crystal, hopefully i can use it to discover who's taken up residence in that part of the woods.

Quest ChainEdit



Place the Memory Craystal on the crate.

The crate can be found here:

MAP hawks landing