Questicon A Red Shirt
Start Vorge Pahton
End Lieutenant Commander Stalwart
Level 6
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~1844
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest
Previous Quest A Strange Veteran


  • Report to your new Commander in Aldenvault Village

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I overheard you were being stransferred to Aldenvault huh? Might be best if you get there on the double, Stalwart is not one that likes dillydallying!

Go, go and go!

In your Log:Edit

Now that you have your regimental Redshirt, you should make haste and travel to the training camp of Stalwart in Aldenvault Village. The village lies to the west once you exit the cavernous tunnel to Aldenvault.


That is good to know then. I hear you have caught Commander Dalheart's eye, and that is a good thing for he is a strict and rather tough man. Typical of House Torque if i may be so blunt, they are more brains then brawn. They believe leaders are born and that wars can be fought with words.

Don't get me wrong, I think Dalheart is a great leader, but I believe he lacks some of the skills that House Maul, My house, are trained for early after birth. Power, muscle and a fondness with a blade!

But this is no time for politics. I guess it is time to show you around the Midlands, but if you think this is going to be a guided tour you have another thing coming!

Anyway, welcome to Aldenvault, recruit!

Quest ChainEdit


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