Questicon A Keen Mind On Fortification
Start Lieutenant Commander Stalwart
End Tactician Gannard
Level 5
Category Aldenvault Quests
Fame ~650
Location Aldenvault
Next Quest Captain's Logs
Previous Quest Mooh, Are You Happy Now!


  • Report to tactician Gannard at the Ardent Nave

Accepting the Quest:Edit

The local Militia is growing by the day, but so is the Ousted opposition here on the midlands. I do not know how they settled here this fast, but i do know that they are a serious threat to the stability of the Enclave and to the fine people of Aldenvault.

You probably noticed we have started to put up fortifications around the midlands. It does not help the view much, granted, but they keep that Ousted scum at bay. We currently lack the manpower to station guards at every intersection, but we are getting there.

I'd like you to go talk to one of out tacticians, a brainy guy from House Rune, called Gannard. You can find him over at the large tower to the north of Aldenvault. Help him in any way you can. When he is done with you and is no longer in need of your services and skills, he will send you back to me.

Dismissed, recruit!

In your Log:Edit

Lieutenant Commander Stalwart has sent you to talk to Tactician Gannard over at the large guard tower to the north of Aldenvault Village.

He'd like you to help him in the ongoing fortifications to keep the Ousted out of the farm village.


Another recruit to help with the fortification of the midlands tower. I swear, if we keep this up we might actually get something done before they stage another of their raids.

Now, let's get down to business right away. You look capable enough of draggong a few logs and you probably didn't get this far without getting yourself into a few fights, I reckon. Time to get out then!

Quest ChainEdit