Questicon A Questionable Use Of Resources
Start Eliina Isa Tyranon
End Eliina Isa Tyranon
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~202
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
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Accepting the Quest:Edit

Of course! You look like the sort who likes to help people, and... well... I. need. Help!

Look, maybe I slightly exaggerated the urgency of my request, but I'll pay well for the deliveries and it shouldn't take too long. It will be good excersize; you must like that sporty stuff or else you wouldn't have joined the militia.

So after you are finished, run on back to me to see so I can pay you!

In your Log:Edit

Eliina Isa on the balcony of House Torque wants you to deliver invitation to her teaparty to four of her friends:

Abyea Presbil, near the west side of town by the Aldenvault tunnel.

Gisselle Ixtaro, outside of the gilded leaf

Oriana Margo, near the well at the docks

Eukene Malandra, near one of the two high houses in Hawksmouth


I am joking! I am joking... Always fun to see recruits lost for words!

I hope they will all show up, it will show Eukene that her lame party was nothing compared to mine.

Here's some money for your trouble. And take this, you look like you haven't eaten in days!

Now move along, I don't want my friends to see me hanging around with someone like you. The thought alone... brrr...

Quest ChainEdit


This quest was renamed in patch

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