Questicon A Coordinated Assault
Start Tower Commander Gula
End Tower Commander Gula
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~1612
Rewards 3 Silver 
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest The Death Of An Ousted Fool
Previous Quest A Reluctant Assignment


Silence Harmon the Chestcutter once and for all.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

That's the spirit! You should have no troubles bringing him down. Though you should gather some friends for this task; as it wont be an easy fight overall. Like any inept man who aspires to power, Harmon has surrounded himself with lackeys that are larger and dumber then he is.

I know you are a skilled fighter, but i would hate to see your promise cut short by a suicidial attempt to take out the entire camp by yourself. So gather a group of fellow recruits, journey to the camp, and make him... understand.

In your Log:Edit

Commander Gula's fears have become reality. Someone known as Harmon the Chestcutter has started a minor rebellion close to the walls of Hawksmouth.

This rebellion needs to be stopped and the only way to do so is to travel to the Ousted Camp and silence Harmon the Chestcutter. With Harmon out of the way, the rest of the ousted rabble will no doubt disband over night.

Harmon will most definitely not be alone so make sure to bring friends if you decide to face him.

If you manage to kill Harmon, report his death to Commander Gula at the Central Guard Tower.



Is That Also Sarcasm?

Quest ChainEdit


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