Questicon A Brew For Kestel
Start Kestel
End Assistant Tavern keeper Avron Grimguzzle
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~168
Location Hawksmouth, near the High Houses
Next Quest The Kestel Run
Previous Quest


  • Talk to Avron Grimguzzle about Kestel's drink.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Hey you! Recruit! Can you do me a favour?

I can't abandon my post and I want to check on something. My friends at the tavern are supposed to be sending me a little pick-me-up but i've been waiting for over an hour with no sight of my drink.

Could you go to the tavern and ask Avron Grimguzzle what by the seven sigils happened to my drink?

In your Log:Edit

Go to the Gilded Leaf tavern near the Southern gate of Hawksmouth and ask Avron Grimguzzle where Keste;'s drink is.

The Gilded Leaf is near the souther gate of Hawksmouth


Old Kestel's getting antsy isn't he? Well, I hadn't forgotten about him, but it's just been a busy day in there. Perhaps you can be of my assistance! Since I cant leave... Kaarlo would have my hide if I did!

Quest ChainEdit