Slaying and defeating adversaries in combat and completing Quests do not only provide you with Fame, they also grant you PeP; Personal Experience Points, a way of defining your combat-experience besides sheer player skill. PeP is tracked in the PeP Sphere underneath the Fame Sphere in your Player Character Status.

Just like gaining enough Fame raises your Fame Level, so gaining enough PeP raises your PeP Rank (to a maximum of 5). With each rank you gain you will enhance certain aspects of your Player Character. They either enhance the Attributes associated with your Archetype or Discipline, or shift your default Base Level for State Ranks of all three State Bars up by one. While the first option will enhance the effectiveness of your associated Skill, the second option will also enhance your Movement Speed, Attack Resistances and various forms of dealt Damage.

Information from The Chronicles of Spellborn, [1]

Ranks of Personal experience Point ( PeP ) Edit

The PeP system is divided into 6 ranks, ranging from 0 to 5. Each rank influences your Player Character as follows:

When a Base Level is raised, negative or positive State Points will be incurred on the corresponding State Rank. Likewise, the incurred Points will slowly fall back to the new Base Level’s State Rank.

However, unlike Fame Levels you can actually lose PeP Ranks. Each time your Player Character dies, it will suffer a blow to its self-esteem and lose a complete PeP Rank worth of PeP; effectively lowering your PeP Rank by one. Note that you can never have fewer than 0 PeP and a PeP Rank of 0.

How PeP affects states Edit

With no PeP bonus, the character's state bars range from -5 to +5, with the zero point being at 0, the point that is considered "normal". The character's states will passively regenerate or degenerate toward this zero point. The PeP bonus changes where the zero point is for the character's states. In other words, with a +1 to the zero point, the character's state bars will still range from -5 to +5, but +1 is the zero point considered "normal". With a rank 5 PeP bonus, the character's state bars will have a zero point of +3. At this point, the character could begin combat with a 30% bonus to movement speed, damage output, and resistances.