Dear players,

Hello and welcome to the Release Notes v1.0.1.1 for the Chronicles of Spellborn

1. World

Fixed the encounter of Administrator Beck in Citadel of Ail (he no longer gets stuck at 1%)
Players now receive a visual clue where they need to move in the final phase of the Amsell encounter
Shunned Bosses now also respond to a request from the system to play their knocked down animation when they are carrying a weapon
After killing Amsell, the doors leading to the inner chamber where certain quest objects lie around should open
Properly centered the visual emitter which swirls around the Ornate Bell
The boss Chelicerata in the Ancestral Forge is once again possible to kill and no longer gets stuck at 1%

2. Localization

Mouse-over tool tips for the World maps have now been localized (German/French)

3. Patcher / Launcher

Added slightly tweaked graphics for the Patcher/Launcher
Added support for the localized patch notes

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