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Hello and welcome to the Patch Release Notes v1.0.1 for the Chronicles of Spellborn

1. General

Fixed a serious memory leak that lead to extremely long loading times or crashes after a couple of hours of play
Fixed an issue where players could gather a resource which was already being harvested
Fixed a critical issue where the log file would grow excessively large
Fixed an issue where a player that is in a group couldn't re-enter the group's instance
Fixed an issue where the colored text in the tool tip would wrap incorrectly
Fixed a critical issue which would result in a client crash, while selling items in the Rune shop
Fixed a missing top pixel in the game menu
Fixed a missing top pixel of tab-ctrl tabs
Fixed an issue where the player died and then crashed (logged out) which resulted in double PeP loss
Added a minor fix for the PeP levels
Added a fix so that it's impossible to break down everything in your inventory (a player must always have at least one melee and one ranged weapon left)
Added "1360x760" resolution to the list of supported resolutions
Added automated turning while gathering a resource (the player will always face the resource)
Added a introduction sequence when a character enters the world for the first time
The way critters now wander has been changed to favor a more distributed repartition of the critters in a given habitat
The mouse options: 'hardware cursor' and 'smooth mouse' have been removed
Introduced moving doors and level elements that now open/close
The on screen health bar now blinks when damage is done to enemies

2. World

Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to spawn your pet as an Ancestral Mage in the Vault of Foes
Fixed an issue where it previously was possible to add yourself to the Friend/Ignore List
Fixed the tool tips in the Taverns
Fixed a lot of floating stuff in Brightvale (bushes, trees, rocks etc)
Fixed a hole in the terrain west of High House Maul (Aldenvault)
Fixed an exploit in the Arena District (Caged Animal)
Fixed an issue with entering the Tavern in the Quarterstone Pit District
Fixed an issue with entering the Soul & Spirit shops in the Quarterstone Fountain District
Fixed an issue where the "School teacher and the children" following her (Hawksmouth) would get stuck
Added additional patrols in Citadel of Ail
Added additional loot for the chest in the Aldenvault Raptor's Cave
Added and moved some wildlife in Desolate
Added lighting to the "Quarter quartz" resource in the Quarterstone Mines
Added smooth collision for all the stairs in the High Houses, so no more "bounce bounce bounce"
Added a lot of new textures to shop signs, lampposts and lights
Added a zoom function to the Boltfort City region
Added several unique (boss) monsters throughout the world
A lot of changes to the maps all over the world
The floating briefcase has finally landed inside the Academy
Replaced the NPC Franyena in Upper Graveyard with Wilyena
Increased the Fame and PeP-level for Old Wilfried
Placed the NPC who was floating in the Guilded Leaf in the Hawksmouth tavern on the ground
Reduced the spawner radius for the Dodos in Hoggsridge
Built in fail-safe so players always arrive at destination during shardship travel
Changed the tool tips for the player statues in Hawksmouth
Set the correct size of the large note in High house Silver
The buckets in the Hawksmouth Academy are no longer floating
The buildings that kept disappearing (while tilting the camera) in Hawksmouth have now been fixed
Several locations in Gravesbow where it was possible to fall through the map have been filled in
Removed mini maps inside Taverns
Changed placement for the West Falls region
Changed the Player vs. Player setup correctly for all areas
Replaced all old movers with new ones (Doors are now opening!)

3. Quests

Fixed an issue where the Robber in the quest "Finding Razkam" did not de-spawn when a player spawned him, and then immediately logged off
Fixed a typo in the quest chain "I Never Knew Him"
Added progress actions and changed the re-spawn of the book in the quest "the Tel'maht Grimoire"
Added Party Progress to enable group questing for all quests which originate from Parliament
Added new directions in the "Whack the Dog" quest
Added Quest Items/NPC's for the quest "Eye Of The Tiger"
Captain Skurjan - Added the correct reward
Worship And Idolatry - Added the correct reward
Oust It Out - Added the correct reward
Blessing Of The Oracle - Added the correct reward
Keep Boltfort Tidy - Added the correct reward
Breach - Added the correct reward
Running In Circles - Added the correct reward
Forging Freedom's Tongue - Added the correct reward
Shorath Delivery - Added the correct reward
There's Gold In Them Hills - Added the correct reward
Out In The Cold - Added the correct reward
A Helping Moonhand - Added the correct reward
One Giant Step On Mankind - Added the correct reward
Urgaruting Them Out - Added the correct reward
Tomb Of The Ancestors - Added the correct reward
Dead Spurrs - Added the correct reward
To The Exit - Added the correct reward
Solitary Action - Added the correct reward
Return To Sender - Added the correct reward
Changed the quest log summary for the quest In Response To The Past to point towards Brightvale (instead of Homestead)
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "Helping a Fool.."
Evert Traigyar will now speak with you
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "Helping a Fool.."
Replaced the Challenge system with a Kill system for quest "Five Crates"
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "Killing Assernang"
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "Eye Of The Tiger" to point towards the correct location
The timer for Cayr Athrid has now been raised the quest "Mistaken Identity"
Placing the Barricade in the quest "Setting Up The Barricade" is now a lot now easier
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "Hide N Seek?"
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "The Soaked Parchment"
The quest "Ashen Counsel" has now been tweaked so it updates its kills correctly
The quest "The Banished Lover" has now been tweaked so it updates killing "Kursgra" correctly
Only Shagaine's grand battle and Amousaria's death should now remain
Adjusted the spawn timer for the monsters in the Howler Caves
Placed moving doors for the quest "The Pedestal Of Light". Also added a new puzzle
Lysomey in the Pit District is now correctly placed and will only talk to players when approached in the Graveyard
Changed the quest log summary for the quest "Into The Pit"
The altar by the Glasspool Lake is now possible to interact with (when you are on that quest)
Changed description for Aronite Assassins used in the quest "For The Honour Of The Enclave"
Tweaked the NPC's in the quest "For The Honour Of The Enclave"

4. Combat

Fixed an issue with the Character Statistics window
Fixed an issue which prevented the opener in "Rune of Bonds" to work correctly
Added and linked the body slot for the Urgarut (Skinshifter)
Added 25 direct damage sigils
Added 21 missing absolute damage effects
Added 25 rare damage sigils
Added 25 rare damage effects
Added new pets for the discipline master in the Hawksmouth Academy (Ancestral Mage)
The skills "Tap Magic" and "Enhance Magic" from "Spirit Strike" no longer override each other
Tap Magic now gives heals according to its description
Combo openers are no longer blocked while a combo string is active, instead they re-start the combo string with their appropriate buff
Predators now wander after retreat
Replaced Skill & Character Icons for Attack and Magic Types
The skill "Pyroclasm" now deals moderate damage
The skill "Combust" now uses a new fire effect

5. GUI

Fixed an issue which prevented chat messages to show after traveling
Pressing the escape key now aborts the in-game cut scenes
Removed tool tips from chat tabs
The on screen vertical health bar, now blinks when damage is done to enemies

6. Sound & Music

Fixed several wrongly set volume type notifications in the animation notifiers
Fixed several audio bugs in the boar, wolf and raptor animation notifiers
Added music and sound effects to the in-game cut scenes in the Citadel of Ail
Added music and voice-over for the in-game cut scene
Added necessary logic and new music/sound
Added a trigger for the Ancestral Mage Discipline Master to have Gerald howl
Added more "combat" music to events in the world (ongoing task)
Replaced several area of effect skills to be less obtrusive, and shorter
Replaced the weapon impact sounds to sound less crunchy
Tweak to the balance of volumes for footsteps and effects
Possible fix for the StopAudio crash () and other crashes in the sound system
Redid the volume and re-mastered several music files to be more noticeable

7. Economy

Fixed client crash when moving items back to the inventory from temporary item containers
Fixed an issue where a ongoing trade generated the error: "You first have to finalize your ongoing sale"
Fixed a critical issue when selling items directly in the Tavern
The properties of Body slots, as well as their prices, have been adjusted to better fit the world
The Breeches of the Brave have now their proper names
Some recipes of skill sigils has been removed from the game
The "Dawn breaker's Shoes" got their level requirement lowered to 5
Made shop window close when you die

8. Localization

Fixed some localization in the maps, linking some text to already existing localized strings
Fixed localized NPC conversations for German and French
Fixed localized quests for German and French
Added hard-coded localizations in the shops (translated to German)
Localized "Rune" for the tag in the floating NPC-names

9. Guilds

Fixed an issue where the wrong message was shown when leaving a guild
Fixed an issue where the button for "Create Guild" didn't reset correctly
Fixed a browser issue while viewing Ranks in the Guild window
Added a function for renaming of Guild ranks
Added additional functions for changing rank rights of Officer and Initiate ranks

10. Patcher / Launcher

Added an option to change language (English, German, French)
Added a function for checking your installation, whereas the Patcher checks (and fixes) corrupt files
New graphics added to the Patcher/Launcher

11. Character Creation

Fixed a critical issue where the log file during character creation would grow excessively large
Fixed an issue where pressing Random on the character creation would not change the selected voice
Fixed an issue where the shield would be selectable even when choosing a two-handed weapon
Fixed an issue where the tool tips for weapons/clothes/armor would not update correctly
Fixed an issue where pressing Random on the character creation would not change the name of the selected race
Fixed an issue with the naming convention
Fixed an issue with coloring your armor in character creation
Fixed clipping on the Traveler's mask for the male Daevi
Added new voice descriptions instead of using "Voice 1, 2, 3 etc"
Made sure that if a player doesn't choose an armor, he is automatically given the "Emperor's New Clothes"
Made sure the shoes for Daevi don't show anymore in character creation

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