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Fixed the missing items issue which lead to problems such as
the error message "Failed! Missing item for one the selected appearance objects" in Character Creation
certain weapons not doing damage (ex. Steel Veil)
being unable to retrieve certain items from mail
Fixed a problem with the zone names not showing when entering the "zone and trade" chat
Fixed a problem with the speech bubbles being visible when speaker isn't (speech bubbles are now hidden when the player character is occluded)
Fixed a problem with the "chat tab"-filter not updating properly (resulting in the "channel not active" message)


Fixed an exploit in Exarchyon, where players could run around one of the mountains to skip part of the content
Fixed a problem with the defense tower not firing. The quest can now be finished
Fixed a problem with not being able to enter Scoured Hills from Mount of Heroes North
The beggars all over the world are no longer floating, they are now meditating slightly above the ground
The vendor Kraffyr in the Arena District is once again selling consumables

Quests & Lore

Fixed an issue with the cave door in Cinderfall so it is now opening again
Fixed an issue with the crates not spawning during the quest "The Unintelligible Map", they are now appearing as intended


Improved the skill deck for the Ousted Elders

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