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Hello and welcome to Patch — Paragraph of Timed Strike *hot fix*

1. General

Fixed an issue where players could no longer receive mails in-game
The Free To Play Fame Level cap has been raised to 9.9! New players will now be able to complete more quests in Hawksmouth and Aldenvault
The tutorial has been slightly extended to explain new players how to place newly acquired skills in their Skill Deck

2. World

Added a detection mechanic toward the player, for Pooch and Tack in Citadel of Ail
Added a timer so that the Demon Room event now ends at 0:00 (CEST)
Removed Health Bars from Hoppies all over the world
Adjusted the light maps for Demon Chamber stairs

3. Quests & Lore

Fixed an issue with broken chat requirements for the quest "More Than One Helping Hand"
Fixed an issue with the crystals being broken in the quest "The Crystal Theory"
Changed the re-spawn rate of the Finks for the quest "The Hills have A Lot of Eyes"

4. Combat

Absolute Bonus Damage is now scaled toward the Damage it modifies.

5. Sound & Music

Added new ambience sounds and music for the Demon Chamber.

6. Economy

Increased the drop rate chances for the Key of Cowardice
Decreased the drop rate for the Urvhail key

''7. Arena

Several fixes has been made to the Arena:
the matching rules have been improved
when less players than required for the match team size are queued up in a skirmish match, the free spots are filled up with (free) random players
skirmish: whenever a player leaves while waiting for a matching opposing team, the team goes back to the waiting list to fill up the empty spot with a random player
Fixed an issue with the Arena, where choosing a "rematch" would previously start before the match was over

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