Dear players,

Hello and welcome to patch 1.0.3 — Scroll Of Glaive & Coin.

Highlights in this patch:

Speech Bubbles - Whenever you write in the Local Channel, new Speech Bubbles will appear and underline your point. Options to change their behaviour such as turning them off during battle for your avatar or for others have been included in the Interface Options.
Exarchyon - House Maul still has a score to settle with their former special operations group, the Brotherhood of the Glaive. Players can seek out their secret base in the level range of 20–25 which is drifting on a fragment in the Deadspell Storm.
Market Place - The Leviuna Family, who have been employed by House Silver, have set up trading hubs known as the Market Place for selling your goods to other players. Set the prices yourself or use the price history to find a good deal. Each shard allows access to the Market Place at certain settlements through special traders.
High House Allegiance - A new icon representing your High House is displayed above character names. You will now know with whom you duke it out.
High House Chat - The High Houses have erected new communication channels exclusively for members of their house. The new channel is easily accessible with the new House Tab, or by typing "/h" for "House".
Quick Reply - Typing "/r" opens a new chat line with the player who sent you the last whisper already filled in.
Loot System - Looting slain opponents never was that easy. The completely redesigned Loot Window now appears in the "interactive in-box" area (bottom right), to not occlude your view while you are still fighting. The timers of the items are paused when you are in combat, so you can pick the items you want after the combat. You can also see who looted which item and the results of the rolls when more people opted to take the item when in groups.
Signposts - New signposts are now available on all shards, that will guide you on your journeys. You will never have to take a wrong turn on the crossroads again.
Quests - Many fixes, changes and additions (besides the ones mentioned below) have been made to Quests.

1. General

Fixed an issue where pressing F10 used to overwrite taken screen shots
Fixed a problem with chat error messages not showing in the correct channel
Fixed a problem with the "player not found"-string showing while using either whisper/guild/friend-requests
Fixed so that the death animation is no longer played if a pawn becomes visible
Fixed a problem where the scenery in the login screen did not appear before 5 seconds
Added a loot log in the chat window
Added a functionality where the player now can adjust the "Character Detail" factor under the Options menu (Options -> Display)
Added an updated design of health bars next to players/NPC's (they now get the same colour as the names above their heads)
Local Chat will now be shown in Speech Bubbles. Options to change the behaviour of these Speech Bubbles have been added to the Interface menu
Market Places have now been added all over the Spellborn world
Whisper reply was added, "/r" will now open a chat-line with a whisper target set to the last player you received a whisper from

2. World

Fixed so that bosses in instances now award increased Fame and PeP amounts
Fixed all boss attributes for Citadel of Ail (Becks, Pooch&Tack and Amsell) to sane values (en par with player values)
Fixed an issue with a wall in Quarterstone Green District, where players could mysteriously walk through it
Fixed a problem with one of the ladders on the shardship in Garminholm
Fixed a problem with the puddle of water in the Garminholm cave system which was oddly shaped and had a texture issue
Fixed several holes in Thornmaul Hills, Stonedeep and Stonespine where players could fall through the map
Fixed a problem with the water in Quarterstone Fountain District that was previously not displayed correctly
Fixed a couple of issues with the walls in Cairnkegg Village
Fixed several lampposts in Aldenvault that were floating above the ground
Fixed a hole in Shadeborn Canyon where players could previously fall through the map
Fixed a problem outside of Shadeborn Canyon, where the player seemed to be walking on the water
Fixed several issues with the light in Aldenvault
Fixed several issues with the light in Quarterstone Palace District
Fixed several issues in the Evhiels's Heart in Mount of Heroes North
Fixed the river-weed in Hawksmouth which was previously not attached to the ground
Fixed several issues with the stairs in Hawksmouth where players would expect the stuttering animation
Fixed graphical glitches in Citadel of Ail (holes, floating rubble etc)
Fixed a problem with the area name of the "Tomb of the Ancestors", this now shows up correct again
Fixed a problem with the world map name in Garminholm which previously displayed "894249528", this has been changed to "Forgotten Prey"
Fixed several light issues in Hawksmouth
Fixed several holes in Hawk's Landing where players could walk underneath the map
Fixed several light issues in Quarterstone Pit District
Fixed a problem with players being able to scale the mountain close to the Docks in Quarterstone Statue District
Fixed several light issues in Sorrowmist
Fixed a problem with the Soul Shop in Quarterstone Fountain District, it should no longer be possible to jump through the roof
Fixed a hole in Aldenvault where players could previously fall through the map
Fixed several glitches at High House Rune in Aldenvault
Fixed several holes in Brightvale where players could previously fall through the map
Fixed a graphical glitch close to High House Torque, where the stairs would go through the wall
Fixed a strange occurrence in a cave in Brightvale, where the water would "dance". The water was moving a bit like an equaliser with spikes moving up and down from the surface
Fixed several floating rocks, trees & bushes in Gravesbow
Fixed a problem with the towers in Quarterstone Statue District, these have now been correctly placed on the ground again
Fixed several graphical anomalies in Mount of Heroes North
Fixed a problem with the ladders in Mount of Heroes South
Fixed so that Terrin Dalheart should now be talking properly again
Fixed so that Larion Pasti should now be talking properly again
Fixed so that Arr Scotek at High House Rune should now be talking properly again
Fixed several floating NPC's in Quarterstone Arena District
Fixed so that the Daggerteeth in Quarterstone Arena District now attack players again
Added specific boar spawners in Hawksmouth for the three mushrooms on the top of the hill near Harmon the Chestcutter
Added patrol points to the children at the farm, the man standing in front of the Naria farm and the guards around the central guard tower
Added lights to all the windows in Hawksmouth so at night the city is much better lit from all the windows
Added a new avatar to the book the Hawksmouth Tavern Cellar
Added a tool tip for the portal from Hearth to "Forgotten Prey"
Added a desk near Kestle for him to put all the stuff he receives on
Added lights to the farm houses and the Hawksmouth City Wall
Added more boars & bears around the docks in Hawksmouth
Added Hawksmouth Square as a tool tip to the world map
Added so that players no longer re-spawn at the docks when dying inside the Athenaeum vaults
Added so that players that die in the vaults no longer requires them to pick up the quest from the provider again after having picked it up once
Added a spawner for Adult Shoaten and lowered the level of Adult Shoaten to between 1-3
Removed three squares that were floating in Brooding Forest (Brightvale)
All the "Tainted Quarterquartz" in the Quarterstone Mines have now been given their correct light
Alric Boken and Talran Boken should now be wandering the woods of Gravesbow again
-Nimble- in Hawksmouth Tavern has had the hyphens around his name removed
Glaive have no business in Aldenvault, and thus have been thrown out
Changed the tool tip for the resource "Large Quarterquartz", this previously said "Interactive Object"
Captain Morlen in Deadspell Storm is no longer falling off the shard anymore in his attempt to cross the bridge
Deckhand Mynkra on the Black Ship has been placed correctly on the deck
Moved Arduan Ironhail to the Quarterstone Arena District
Moved one of the logs that was floating in Aldenvault
Moved a little bird near High House Torque that was sitting in mid air
Mobs on Parliament and Ringfell have had their re-spawn time increased
Changed the Hoppy Heights Level Area Volume to prevent annoying and frequent Area name switching in the caves
Reduced aggro ranges of all Wildlife, so players will get less adds when fighting in Hoggsridge
Set the correct scaling of the tool tip for the portal to Mount of Heroes South
The Infinity Cavern in Stonedeep has now found its end
The Runeshop in Quarterstone Pit District is now open for business again

3. Quests & Lore

Fixed so that the book for the "War Machines of Terror Quest" is easier to find
Fixed an issue with not being able to complete a quest when your inventory was full
Fixed an issue with the quest timer for the quest "Mooh Are You Happy Now"
Fixed an issue which would result in player not being able to receive skills through quests
Fixed an issue which resulted in a critical error when accepting the quest "Act of Contrition"
Fixed so that General Baneguard is now talking to players again, allowing for the players to receive his quest
Fixed so that the High House initiation quest for Maul now correctly sends you on your way to find 7 Shattered Ousted Shields
Fixed an issue concerning empty chat options for the quest chain "The Ways of Maul"
Fixed so that the bells for the quest chain "To Start At The End" are now interactive again
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "Five Little Shoaten", the correct amount of Shoaten is now showing in the Quest log
Fixed so that the quest log entry for the quest "The Dinner Party" is now a lot clearer, pointing out where to find Oriana Margo
Fixed so that the brothers in the quest "The Two Brothers Souls" can be attacked again
Fixed so that Tallat Shurinai for the quest "An Arionite More Or Less" is wandering around Brightvale again
Fixed so that Kudat Posiel no longer de-spawns upon completion of the quest
Fixed the quest "Taking Out Old Trash", so that the quest finisher is now the second brother
Fixed an issue in the quest "Barking Up the Right Tree". It is now possible to harvest the scraps of Bark again
Fixed so that Perxx Grimfeather now dies properly
Fixed several issues in the quest chain "Rise of the Tollmaster" and tweaked it to be more fun
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "Aftermath", to make sure players can only get the correct quest affiliated with their High House
Fixed an issue where the player would get teleported right away, after talking to Lother Kartham, in the quest chain "The Dawn of A New Era"
Fixed several typos in the quest chain "Flames of the Oracle"
Fixed the pre-quest for "The Answer After Many Years" to be "A Ghostly Inspection", it had no pre-quest set before
Fixed and tweaked a lot in the quest chains "Life On Quarterstone" and "People of Quarterstone" to make them more fun
Fixed the de-spawn scripts in the quest chain "To Start At The End"
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "Bones Of The Fallen" where the Ashen Guardian would get stuck in combat
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "Explosive Flora", the Phasing Nettles are gatherable again
Fixed and improved the encounters in the "Philosopher's Labyrinth" for the quest chain "Corrupt Twisted Corridors"
Fixed an issue that allowed Skinshifters to fool the Huntresses of Sorrowmist (huntresses will no longer be so easily fooled into speaking with those that are hostile towards them)
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "The Old Threats And New Life", once the player has solved the sigil riddle the chamber will now open as was intended
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "When Will The Idols Stop!?", it is now possible to place the second idol
Fixed a typo in the quest chain "A Shady Character"
Fixed the quest chain "The Reign Of Old", so that Gruldor Lewhand can now be killed
Fixed several issues in the quest chain "The Plot Thickens" which prevented its completion
Fixed several issues in the quest chain "I Scry With My Little Eye" which prevented the completion of the quest
Fixed so that the book in the quest chain "The Pedestal Of Light" is now properly placed
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "Becoming Clear" which would prevent it from completing (it is now possible to kill all of the thieves)
Fixed the summary of quest chain "Grin And Bear It" to point to the correct NPC
Fixed an issue in the quest chain "Hodder's Contact List" where it was not possible to interact with the Pulley System Designs
Fixed several typos in the test for the quest chain "Talk To The Guard" in Quarterstone
Added a new Quest Chain that starts off in Hoggsridge, available at level 7, where the player will investigate the presence of The Brotherhood of the Glaive
Added so that players around level 20 will receive mails to help with a new Quest Chain on Ringfell
Added a new level 27 Quest Chain, starting at the Oracle, which will send players to Brightvale
Added a pre-objective requirement the Milaini's quest
Added carry item objectives for the quest chain "Mouldwood Glades... Check!"
Removed the reward "Sigil Of Harmful Rune I" from quest "An Offer Of Appeasement"
Changed the requirements for the quest chain "What Once Was Ours". The quest can now also be received after finishing the quest "The Fate Of Balemeadow"
The directions for the quest "Last Raven" have been tweaked
Several typos have now been addressed in the quest chain "Who Would Have Guessed!"
Several typos have now been addressed in the quest chain "The Real Deal"
Several typos have now been addressed in the quest chain "Report Card"
Increased the re-spawn timer for Inger Sarkaa
Moved the Key for the quest "Key Of Unification", so that it can be interacted with again
Moved the Old Keg for the quest "Riddle Me Triggers", so that it can be interacted with again
Reduced the running speed for the Maul Thieves in the quest "Becoming Clear"
Vidar Renga and his chums will no longer attack when finishing the quest "A Menacing Message"
Changed the time that NPC Dhorik mentions from 6 to 10 minutes, in accordance with the actual timer

4. Combat

Fixed problem where the player wouldn't show the draw-weapon animation for magic skills
Fixed an issue with the skill bar being out of sync (this caused the client to reset to the first tier even though a Bodyslot was executed)
Fixed several skills and their attributes
Altered the combat log to display more info about in/out-range of targets
Morale impact has been addressed. The bonus is now applied on the final value.
Physique impact has been toned down. The speed increase/decrease maximum at rank 5 or -5 is now 40%, down from 50%
Synchronized drawing of weapon with the server so player can't execute skills when it's still drawing weapons on the server

4.1 Sigils

Melee Reactive Sigil VIII – now returns the damage as indicated
Mirror Splinter Sigils – fixed an issue where the reflection was too high
"Emerald of" Sigil Series now adds and subtracts Affinities correctly
Sign of Sorcerous Mastery now raises all Affinities

4.2 Bodyslots

Void Seer – fixed an issue where Eclipse Sphere would boost heals
Adept – fixed Bodyslots which wrongly gave combo points
Dance of Reavers – now scales correctly with increased Focus Attribute
Throw – the Gadget explosion and the hit are now better synchronized
Sabretooth Crest – fixed an issue where the aura wouldn't be applied correctly
Hawk's Wall Crown – Fixed an issue where the Morale and Physique changes show erratic results
Updated Bloodwarrior Bodyslot descriptions
Runemage – Changed the animation of Bodyslots to reduce casting times
Urgarut Shape – increased the Resistance effect of the buff
Skinshifter Shapes no longer have weapons drawn to improve their disguise.

4.3 Skills

Paralyzing Acid (Pet Skill) – now reduces physique correctly
Poisoned Rake – added debuff duration to the description
Spore Cloud – now hits up to two targets instead of one target several times
Unclean Blade – now correctly applies Paralyze
Frostbite – reduced the duration of the debuff and increased the effect of Frozen
Frostbite – fixed an issue where the debuff would not be applied correctly
Rising Gust – now deals damage to up to 2 enemies each time and slightly increased the heal range
Dead Air – now correctly indicates "Shelter" as the combo opener
Twilight's Edge – corrected the buff description of Valiant
Chains of Devotion – now requires the party members to be in close range as stated in the description
Life Chain – made description a bit more clear
Added Mindtrick with new component, see Confused
Chains of Vengeance – renamed to just "Vengeance" to make it Skill book compatible
Ring of Fire – Finisher no longer increases the Flaming effect downside
Setup – Infused (Melee) effect was reduced from heavy to moderate to compensate for the Expose effect in the same skill.
Ricochet – increased the range of the chain event
Slitshade – target now loses 1/3 extra physique on movement per combo point
Silent Strike – increased the finisher effect to 1/3 rank per combo point
Broken Time – Now requires to hit a target to gain immunity
Broken Time – Infused duration was increased to 6 seconds
Dead Air – Now applies Immune All instead of Immune Magic, as stated in the description
Slither Back – now applies Maneuver
Death's Commission – changed description to reflect its mechanic better
Slither Back – Changed the setup so that it will hit opponents in AOE range instead of only behind the player. Renamed to "Slither" to reflect its new functionality.
Poisoned Rake – Fixed a case where it would apply poison to the caster
Joker – is now more forgiving
Burning Blood – Infuse only affects the Bloodwarrior
Burning Blood – Duration of Burn on the Bloodwarrior now correctly ticks 6 seconds.
Spear – no longer shows the finisher icon.
Frenzy – the resistance reduction of Nightmare is now visible in the Character Sheet
Tainted Talon – now drains 1 morale from the target
Charge – Vigour no longer counts for the burst buff initiated in the same skill
Fixed Confused, for details check Mindtrick
Charge – no longer overwrites consumable buffs
Frenzy – Scare effect now shows the correct scare icon
Improved descriptions of Haunt
Improved descriptions of Paralyse
Improved descriptions of Daze
Added Flaming Footnote to appropriate skills and components
Joker – now has as shiny new icon

5. Sound & Music

Fixed an issue where recently killed mobs would continue playing sounds
Added a click sound to the radial selection

6. Economy

Added correct loot tables to Young and Adult Nengarut
Removed the appearance of the "Substantial loop"
Changed so that the "Bow of the Legacy" is now Bind on Pickup, and its price has been changed
Changed so that all items which had the word "tooth" in their name but an icon with multiple teeth, have now been renamed with "Teeth"
Changed the name "Sharp Bear Claw" into "Serrated Bear Claw"
Changed the trash item "Bear Tongue" to have a proper icon
Brightscale breeches now have a price that matches their level/rarity
Modified the trash loot for level 36-40 bears
The loot drop rates have been changed for all the humanoids menaces

7. Character Creation

Fixed an issue with the cancel button on Character Creation disappearing
Fixed so that the credits are now shown correctly again
Fixed an issue where changing resolutions would affect the body selection window
Fixed several typos in the Character Selection screens
Fixed so that the standardized window positioning in Character Creation is now displayed correct
Added so that the current location of a character in-game is now shown in the Character Creation screen

8. GUI

Added so that when a player joins a High House, the symbol of this High House is displayed above the player name
Added so that when a player joins a High House, the player will automatically join a new High House Chat channel. This channel is available for everybody of the same High House. It can be accessed through "/h", for "House"
Added a revamped loot window, and is now being displayed at the bottom right thus no longer blocking the view in combat
Fixed several typos in the Tutorial

9. Menaces

Fixed so that Old Wilfried is now set as aggressive against players only
Added Wanted Posters for Menaces in Mount of Heroes
Changed the re-spawn time for the menace Crocodile Karaklos
Changed the re-spawn time for the menace Millo Staegyl
Removed the weird symbol in the text for the Wanted poster for Jhryux L'niar
Removed the weird symbol in the text for the Wanted poster for Ferrus

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