Parliament shard
Parliament Shard
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Areas on this Shard
Aldenvault, Brightvale, Gravesbow, Hoggsridge, Hawk's Landing, Hawksmouth, Sorrowmist

The first Shard to be discovered by the High Houses after awakening on Quarterstone was Parliament in 526 AC. Hawksmouth was founded there and in order to let Quarterstone develop properly, all forms of politics were moved to Hawksmouth. Only later, when the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices was formed, would the High House structures be built.

As such, Parliament would turn into the political centre for the Enclave. The Enclave Palace in Quarterstone would still serve as the official capitol for the Enclave, but in truth all policies and legislations would stem from the High Houses in Parliament. The Enclave Palace would only serve to ceremonially pass any of the policies and legislations and present them to the public.

At present Parliament also serves as the training grounds for new recruits joining the Enclave Militia. Most of them are stationed at idyllic Hawksmouth and its pleasant neighbouring docks area, Hawk's Landing.

Other regions where Militia recruits can be found honing their skills include Aldenvault; a rough farmland area where wildlife from the surrounding forest roams freely. Further north lays Hoggsridge; an almost completely forested area in which House Maul has a single stronghold because of their constant conflict with a vicious group of Ousted that has settled there as well.

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Known Areas in Parliament

Hawk's Landing: Hawk's Wall, Hunter's Expedition, Hawk's Landing