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The most notable thing about Mount of Heroes is its size and unnatural shape. Scholars claim the current state of Mount of Heroes is the result of a massive collision between two Shards or Fragments, crushing into one another and merging together. It is named Mount of Heroes, for only the brave could survive on its soil.

The forests on Mount of Heroes are dark and unwelcome, with pine trees stretching as far as the eye can see. Strange creatures roam within its gnarly branches and the deeper you venture into the forest, the higher the chance it will swallow you whole. Still there is a presence of the Enclave on this shard and although they have had many a setback in the past, the settlers here seem to be tough and sturdy for they still manage to make a living selling ore and such.

The ore mined from Mount of Heroes is a much needed resource for the Enclave, but there are also other parties highly interested in its unique qualities, making it a much sought after commodity. The only problem for the miners is the fact that there are foul and bloodthirsty creatures roaming within the Shard itself called Howlers and since it is their home, they vehemently guard and protect it with their lives. Should you ever hear an echoing howl pierce the dark heavens, you should do well to run for your life.

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Known Areas in Mount of Heroes

Mount of Heroes North:
Mouth of Heroes South:
Mount of Heroes Mines:

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