Moulinet       Combofinisher Mindskill Meleeattack Soulmagic 14sec

Short Range, Backstab, Maneuver, Finisher Cyclone Strike

  • Deal extreme calculated damage.

Backstab: Specific attacks that deal increased damage when the target is hit from the rear.
Maneuver: Gain 1 rank concentration on hit, but lose 1 rank concentration if the attack misses.
Cyclone Strike: Increase damage per combo point.
Calculated: Thoughtful attacks that have increased damage if the target has a lower concentration than the Skill User.


You can use the following type of Sigils on this skill:

Skill BreakdownEdit

  • Combofinisher - This is a finisher, it grows stronger if you have opened a combo and gathered combo points.
  • Mindskill - This skill's damage increases if attribute points are added to mind.
  • Meleeattack - This skill is a melee skill, you need to have a melee weapon equipped to use it.
  • Soulmagic - This skill deals Soul damage.
  • 14sec - This skill has an 14 second cooldown.

Invisible facts:

  • This skill has a 1.5 rotation time.


  • This skill is exclusive to the Skinshifter Class.
  • This skill is at level 16, along with skill set 4.