Quarterstone Edit

Quarterstone shard as seen from a shardship.

Quarterstone is the center of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. It is here the five High Houses meet. It also houses the arena, the Temple of the Oracle, and many other places of importance.

"Off the bow of the Shardship you see a massive upturned mountain, positioned, according to legend, at the very center of the universe. The realm resembles a gigantic molar: a god’s tooth. Great statues have been carved from four sides of the outer carapace of the realm. They are solemn figures, crouching as they support the roof of the realm with their hands. A swarm of aerial travelers heading in and out of the enclave’s capitol awes you. Hundreds of Shardships and a few airborne Vhelgar hover in the Deadspell Storm, awaiting admission. Dotting the troposphere around the realm like a boiling cloud of angry flies, they give the scene a vast sense of scale; Quarterstone is positively titanic in size. On top of the mountain a fifth statue sits crouching as well, its head turned upward as if screaming. A lance of light rises from its mouth: the Axis of Quarterstone is projected into infinity, disappearing from sight after many miles." Taken from the First Journey Spellborn Scroll

The City of Quartered Stone, as it was known before the Great Collapse, was used by the Vhelgar as a main hub for slave trade. Before the uprising, many of the human slaves here were traded and maintained by the daevi, under order of the Vhelgar. The city was ruled by the Vhelgar Ormoburu, but it is unclear what happened to him after the Great Collapse. Nowadays, Quarterstone is the capital of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices, due to its location and its importance within Enclave history. It consists of seven districts, each with its own characteristics:

Arena District: The Arena within the district was built by House Silver to serve as training grounds for the Guilds. It was only a matter of time before this started attracting a public of its own and became a major source of income for House Silver. House Maul can also be found here training its people.

Arena district tl

Fountain District: This upper-class residential district houses most of the wealthy families and people of importance. It is a pleasant district with a large pool of water near its entrance and, of course, fountains. After the Green District incident it also became home to Citizen's College: a replacement building for House Rune now that their Citadel of Ail was destroyed.

Fountain district tl

Green District: The Green District housed the working classes, and its lush vegetation and beautiful surroundings made it a joyous place for anyone to visit. The Citadel of Ail, House Rune's main university, was the bustling centre for mages, scientists and scholars. The district was the heart of Quarterstone. That was, until an explosion at the Citadel rocked the entire district and magic corrupted it. Nowadays, the Green District is in quarantine as the Enclave desperately tries to uncover all the details concerning the incident.

Green district tl

Palace District: Being the official centre of the Enclave, the Palace District and its Enclave Palace primarily serve a ceremonial task. The grandeur of the palace is displaced by the fact that politics are conducted on the Shard of Parliament instead. Fortunately, the Veridan have moved in and maintained its importance to the Enclave.

Palace district tl

Pit District: The Pit District's claim to fame is the large bottomless Pit. People have been throwing things in forever and as such it is now used as Quarterstone's garbage dump, though it never ever seems to fill up. As for the people living there... They aren't the nicest of folk and the sole reason most would ever want to go there is to visit the Graveyard next to it.

Statue District: Being the commercial heart of the city, Statue District is home to most of the merchants, though after the Green District incident, some of the working classes moved here as well. Its docks are always busy and the populace likes to shop around the various streets. Statue District, naturally, also features various statues of heroes both old and new. It also features the last remaining entrance to the Quarterstone Mines.

Statue district tl

Temple District: Temple District, or Oracle District as some like to call it, is home to the Temple of Awareness which houses the Oracle itself. It connects to all the other districts and takes a central place in city life. Many of the Veridan can be found here praising the Oracle, and it is a comforting place to be in general.

Parliament Edit

Parliament is the political hub of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. All High Houses are settled here and it is this Shard that welcomes the new Enclave Militia recruits as they undergo their Conscription period to become Citizens. The bustling city of Hawksmouth is usually swarming with new recruits and is also the home to High Houses Silver and Torque, while the picturesque fields of Aldenvault provide a home to High Houses Maul, Rune and Shroud. But it is the southern lands of Brightvale and Gravesbow that seem to be troubled by Ousted and the Brotherhood of the Glaive.

The first Shard to be discovered by the High Houses after awakening on Quarterstone was Parliament in 526 AC. Hawksmouth was founded there and in order to let Quarterstone develop properly, all forms of politics were moved to Hawksmouth. Only later, when the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices was formed, would the High House structures be built.

As such, Parliament would turn into the political center for the Enclave. The Enclave Palace in Quarterstone would still serve as the official capitol for the Enclave, but in truth all policies and legislations would stem from the High Houses in Parliament. The Enclave Palace would only serve to ceremonially pass any of the policies and legislations and present them to the public.

At present Parliament also serves as the training grounds for new recruits joining the Enclave Militia. Most of them are stationed at idyllic Hawksmouth and its pleasant neighboring docks area, Hawk’s Landing. Other regions where Militia recruits can be found honing their skills include Aldenvault; a rough farmland area where wildlife from the surrounding forest roams freely. Further north lays Hoggsridge; an almost completely forested area in which House Maul has a single stronghold because of their constant conflict with a vicious group of Ousted that has settled there as well.

Hawksmouth, also known as Parliament Town.

Parliament is the center of government for the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices.

Mount of Heroes Edit

Mount of Heroes exterior concept art.

Mount of Heroes is a place drenched in perpetual conflict. For one it is forms the breeding ground for the nefarious Howlers. A unholy mockery of life spewing forth from the Howling Mountain. Having seen their first settlement Westdell being completely ruined, the new settlement of Boltfort holds the Howlers back for now. Meanwhile the creatures are studied upon by the Forge of Wisdom. Unfortunately a difference of opinion has split the faction in two, causing the Enclave to sometimes battle their own. And in the meantime, the Howlers are slowly gathering again.

Mount of Heroes was the second shard discovered by the Awakened. It was here the Princess of Skulls had made her home, plunging the Awakened into it's first war after the collapse of the Empire of the Eight Demons. This shard is also the origin of the Brotherhood of Glaive.

Ringfell Edit

The landscape of Ringfell.

The only Shard to contain humans next to those of the High Houses is Ringfell. Known in the Ancestor World as the Ringlands, its seas are now completely drained, leaving the sea life to adapt to their new habitat. Its inhabitants, the Speyrfolk, quickly established themselves as able traders after they made contact with the Enclave. But at the start of the century a terrible curse caused them to be unable to leave their Shard. Turned bitter, the Speyrfolk aimed their anger towards each other and the four remaining families are in conflict with each other. As for the curse: many claim it has something to do with Slywood, a seedy area drenched in darkness, but only few, if any, venture there to discover the truth.

The village Cairnkegg.

Carnyx Edit

Screenshot of a tower on Carnyx.

For many within the Enclave, Carnyx is a place of pure evil. As the last discovered Shard, it started out as a place full of promise. Butwhen the Enclave ventured there, the Vhuul were released from their icy prison. A war campaign was staged but was met with utter failure as the Vhuul claimed one of the Enclave’s heroes, Aryones Ithkari, for their own deeds and manipulated his men for their own purposes. Though the Enclave was successful in diminishing the Vhuul threat, they not only lost the Barbarian Seal allowing them to explore new Shards; they also saw a new enemy rise from the ranks of Ithkari’s men: the Arionites. Ever since, the Enclave deemed Carnyx a lost cause.

The Carnyx shard was found almost a century after Mount of Heroes, still frozen under the Undying Ice. A group of explorers was sent to Carnyx with the Barbarian Seal to thaw out the shard. However, the explorers did not return. What the Enclave did not know was that a race known as the Vhuul was frozen there.