Items each have a rarity, dictating how often they normally appear in the game world and how much they are worth as an effect. There are several rarities within The Chronicles of Spellborn®, though be on the lookout for even rarer Items.

Common Edit

Common Items carry White Names. These are basic Items which are readily available. This includes a large amount of resources, Equipment available in Character Creation and basic Items worn by commoners and the local Militia.

Uncommon Edit

Uncommon Items carry Yellow Names. These Items are less easy to find than Common Items yet are still available when needed. These Items are often worn by noble men and women and are worth more than their Common equivalents.

Rare Edit

Rare Items carry Orange Names. These Items are hard to come by and are often of superior quality either due to the craftsmanship behind them or their exquisite properties. These are special Items not often worn in public and usually reserved for special occasions.

Ancestral Edit

Ancestral Items carry Red Names. These Items hail from the Ancestor World, having survived the Great Collapse. Their craftsmanship is unequalled as the current ability of both daevi and men cannot dare to come close to their quality. Possessing an Ancestral Item is a true honour for any mortal in the Deadspell Storm.

Source: Official Site - TCOS Manual