Few of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices know about the Ancestor World and what actually transpired prior to the Great Collapse. Most humans alive today are distant descendants of those who survived the Great Collapse and rose from a long sleep to find themselves in the city of Quarterstone. But even though that is the point where recorded Enclave history begins, few remember their tales. What is known about human history, is that huminty was enslaved by the Daevi. Nowadays, humans have sworn never to be opposed again, hence their ultimate hatred towards the Vhelgar.

According to the Sekk-Sotyll scrolls, the Ancestor World was an empire ruled over by gods and godlike beings. However, no evidence has ever been found that these so-called gods ever existed. The only facts evident enough, all show that whoever these beings were, they created many races to serve them.

The scrolls are vague when detailing the role humanity played in this empire, as they do not mention whether humanity was brought into the universe by ancient magic, or was subdues and enslaved.