There is but one true leader and there can be but one House to bring him forth. That is the reasoning of House Torque. Born into politics, diplomacy and endless negotiations, House Torque forms the backbone of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices, for if it was not for their qualities to maintain peace within the Houses, the Enclave would long ago have faltered and fallen.

Everyone has a voice within House Torque and as such everyone is listened to. These ideals and the resulting arrogance have often formed the base of many bureaucratic problems, especially when some people have a louder voice than others. But in the end, those within the ranks of House Torque mean well and do what they do to bolster the strength of the Enclave, led of course by Torque.

House Torque is led by a man known as Ado Tyranon, the only Daevi Lord amongst the council of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. As one would expect, he has a lot of advisers that go through a lot of different channels to finally reach Lord Tyranon himself. The main seat of power for Torque stands within the fortified city of Hawksmouth where their political forum stands as testimony to the ideals and views of everyone within House Torque.

Talking to Ortolph DehendEdit

Ortolph: Good day recruit! We have been expecting you! Mitran sent word that he had dispatched another recruit that was on his way to decide which High House to join.

You: That's me yes.

Ortolph: Well, let me put it this way then. Every citizen of the Enclave, even in his or her conscription period gets to choose a High House. First you will become an initiate for that house and later on you get the chance to become a full member.

You: I see, please, tell me about House Torque.

Ortolph: House Torque has been the founder of the Enclave ideals. It was Graidlon Marrow that first saw the capacity of a combined entity. After his initial sacrifice, we of House Torque spoke to the other High Houses and together we came to the conclusion that one entity, strengthened by our combined efforts would be a lot harder for our enemies to destroy.

You: What does House Torque do?

Ortolph: House Torque consists of a lot of people from every way of life. There are mages, rogues and warriors from every age and ethnic background in our ranks and they all uphold the same ideal, that of a combined and strong Enclave.

We are known for our diplomatic approach since we believe that conflicts can be resolved without bloodshed. If our diplomatic approach fails however, we are not ashamed to pick up arms and defend ourselves.

You: Any plans for the future?

Ortolph: The future is bright as long as the Enclave remains whole. At this very moment there are separatist groups at work to destroy that which we have built with our own blood, sweat and tears. We at House Torque believe in maintaining a tight grip on the Enclave and to make sure that whatever happens, the citizens of the Enclave can live in freedom and peace without endless wars and years of conflict.

You: Thank you!

Ortolph: You are most welcome. House Torque is a place of leaders and as such we have delivered the most leaders in history. Graidlon Marrow was one, but there have been many others like him!

I hope you will choose House Torque so that we may talk some more and get to know each other better!

For the Enclave!