There is but one whole truth when it comes to House Silver, the Coin rules supreme! Everyone within House Silver is seen as a capitalist that would sell his own mother if it would make him or her a profit. Merchants, brokers, bookies, black marketers, it does not matter, if there is a profit to me made, House silver is close by.

Politics and wars are seen by House Silver as a means to an end and as such they try to follow the lines of diplomacy as well as the military approach formed within the Enclave. This has not made them very popular, but popularity is not needed to make money, supply and demand is and that is where House Silver excels in!

Looking out for the best interest as well as interest rates for House Silver is the Lady Fessia Lomnovel. One could easily forget that behind the beautiful face of this young lady, a cunning viper waits for any who could make her a profit. She resides within the luxurious embassy House Silver built in Hawksmouth, one that overshadows that of House Torque in wealth and glory.

Talking to Lornedus MintsterEdit

Lornedus: Whether it be by guide or by one's own intuition, most people will find the way to House Silver one way or the other. Mitran told me you would pass by for a little explanation of our glorious High House.

You: That's correct.

Lornedus: Then I hope, that was also applicable to the latter part of my sentence. For glory is what these towers stand for! Glory, power and riches! House Silver harbours the needs of all those who conduct trade, those who sail through the Deadspell Storm and those who fight within the hallowed walls of the Arena!

You: So you're basically involved with anything concerning money?

Lornedus: You are quite to the point, aren't you? For that is indeed our goal. We control the flow of money and goods within the Enclave and provide transportation between the Shards. But we also provide entertainment for the masses and at the same time train a new group of freelancers to be deployed by the Enclave at times of need.

You: Do you have any needs for the future with such a complete package?

Lornedus: Of course, we can always use more goods and currency to provide the Enclave with enough supplies and reserves. But as the secrets of the Deadspell Storm are revealed to us, so will we also discover new Shards and new business opportunities. As such we will have need for more shardships, more trade routes and more people to make it all work together. At House Silver we are always building towards the future!

You: Well, that's very clear indeed! Thank you fore your explanation!

Lornedus: You're welcome. Which you can take quite literally. House Silver always welcomes people who will help along securing the future and our investments. Or maybe you are just interested in sailing through the Storm, traveling from Shard to Shard.

Whatever the case hopefully we will meet again, and by then you'll be a full member of House Silver. In which case we shall spend some coins together on some nice pints of ale! Good luck with your choice!