There isn't much known about House Shroud really, since this High House is the most secretive of all five. Being the oldest High House within the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices, House Shroud has accumulated so much intelligence over the years that they know who stabbed who in the back hundreds of years ago.

House Shroud excels in logistics and communication and always seems to be meddling in the affairs of others in some covert and sneaky way. Intelligence is the best currency for anyone within the ranks of House Shroud and as such the best rogues have found their skills being bought by some within House Shroud.

Led by the reclusive and shady Lord Skathe Hellayne, House Shroud lives on as a cockroach after a nuclear winter. If there is one House that would survive a thousand Great Collapses, it would be Shroud. Their actions and desire to stay hidden and in the background is reflected in the architecture of their grand temple carved into the rocky walls of the Midlands of Parliament. One would have to be born into the shadows to join House Shroud willingly.

Talking to Mirna KeldranEdit

Mirna: Welcome, welcome! My name is Mirna Keldran and I am the ambassador to House Shroud. Mitran sent word that we were to expect a new recruit that was about to choose which of the High Houses it would choose!

You: That is me alright!

Mirna: Well then let me tell you that House Shroud is more than happy to show you around if that is what you desire. We are the oldest House in the Enclave with ties that go back farther than any of the other Houses. But don't think that because we have old ties that we are dank and dusty!

You: What does House Shroud do?

Mirna: House Shroud is very idealistic and we have a deeper love for the hidden and confined spaces. That is why we built our High House into the side of the Carapace.

We share a history with many of the High Houses but you can find more connections to House Maul and Shroud than you can with any other. We prefer the silent, less formal approach and as such we are almost never seen at the negotiation table if we can prevent it.

You: And your plans for the future?

Mirna: We need to safeguard the strength and versatility of House Shroud. That is the primary course of action. Without our continued strength and without a healthy hierarchy, the Enclave will fall anyway. We want to gather more information about our enemies, our past and about anything that sounds interesting. if that means more stealthy approaches, well, so be it!

You: Thank you for your time!

Mirna: You are more than welcome! We at House Shroud will welcome you with open arms should you choose to join our cause. We can bestow you with a lot of knowledge, enough so to give you the upper hand in any battle! Be that in the shadows or in the open!

I hope to call you a fellow member soon. We can use a good pair of hands and a brain with a sharp wit!