Let nothing stand in the way of your pursuit of knowledge. This is the sole guideline given to anyone joining the ranks of House Rune. These scholars of lore and history have the keen interest to find everything that lies hidden under layers of ancient dust.

House Rune is the one House that couldn't care less what the Enclave does as a whole and as such politics and diplomacy are shunned by House Rune as a whole. Those within the ranks of House Rune are obsessed with seeking out new technologies, magical spells and artifacts in such a way that it often borders on the suicidal. Nothing is gained without making sacrifices and a life lost is nothing compared to new knowledge gained.

House Rune is led by the depressed and paranoid Lady Edhuil Taimodan who is rarely seen without her champion at her side. Rumours have it that someone else is pulling the strings and that the Lady Taimodan is nothing more than a puppet. The university on the edge of the Midlands of Parliament stands as a testimony to the knowledge gained by House Rune.


High House Rune

Talking to Peyache PonoineEdit

Peyache: You must be the new recruit Miltran mentioned. It's always important that a recruit makes a well thought out decision about which High house to join.

You: It most certainly is.

Peyache: Very good to hear that, for that is exactly what House Rune stands for. Thought before action! We excel at research and studies; revealing new discoveries and secrets of old. Whether it is magic or mechanics, we gather knowledge for the good of the people.

You: That's all?

Peyache: Of course that is only the beginning. We not only gather knowledge, we apply it as well. Shardships? We devised those. Ankhlights? Our invention. Of course we also employ our knowledge elsewhere like in combat. The Red Lodge being a prime example of how knowledge and research into the old and new can create superior fighting abilities.

You: So how does that fit in with your idea of the future?

Peyache: There can not be a future without progression! That is why we need more people to aid us. For instance: the Red Rim is currently closing off a secluded area of the Deadspell Storm as our levium-crystals start malfunctioning in its vicinity. If we could modify those levium-cyrstals the rest of the Deadspell Storm could give way and new Shards would be within our grasp!

You: I see, thank you for your explanation!

Peyache: My pleasure. If ever you are in need of wisdom, you know where to find our High House, which is a tome of knowledge in itself. If you would join us though, you would not only get access to it, you'd be able to write new pages to inspire future generations! A most noble goal indeed.

Hopefully we shall meet again!