If there is such a thing as aggressiveness, it will be found in House Maul. Those within its ranks excel in combat, are born tacticians and plan strategies to uphold their pledge of protecting every citizen of the Enclave no matter what House alignment or race.

But where House Maul excels in the practical terms of combat, it is at a loss when it comes to the political scene within the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. Those in Maul would rather resolve matters with a sharp sword or a cunning axe than talk about it for hours on end. It is safe to say that diplomacy and negotiations are completely lost to House Maul.

Maul is being led by an enigmatic and kind man, known as Lord Nor Petion who enjoys respect from each of the other Houses as well as every citizen within the Enclave. Although Lord Petion would rather be on the battlefield all day or fight wars on some distant Shard, he is trying hard to cope with the fact that he is being forced to do paperwork. He resides within a fortress on the Midlands of Parliament which functions as the High House for House Maul.

Talking to Ilas ShardbornEdit

Ilas: Aha! There you are! You are bound to be the recruit that was sent our way to find out what the High Houses are all about! Be welcome and enjoy the view!

You: Thank you very much!

Ilas: The least we can do here at House Maul. We protect those that are incapable of fending for themselves. We make sure that the Enclave can live in relative peace without being invaded by the horrors that lurk within the Deadspell Storm or those foolish enough to resist our might.

You: Anything else you do?

Ilas: Oh Yes! House Maul is the last line of defense on a lot of Shards because we protect and fight where the Enclave deems it necessary. Keep in mind though that the other Houses have their share in fighting in wars, but House Maul has always delivered the heroes that made a difference.

You: What about the future?

Ilas: My friend, we at House Maul ARE the future! Not to sound arrogant, but we have safeguarded the future ever since the Awakening. Our blood has and always will protect the greater good of the Enclave. If we fail, the Enclave falls and we will not let that happen. We have good ties with House Torque and as such we will fight whatever frights need to be fought!

You: Thank you for your time!

Ilas: Not at all! You are always welcome here. If you seek protection from the elements or from some stalker, come seek shelter here. We are the Shield for many and that is something you should always remeber. Your safety comes first!

I hope you will join our ranks, so you can become a Brother in Arms and fight the good fight at my side!