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Shard Quarterstone
Level ???

The Green District housed the working classes, and its lush vegetation and beautiful surroundings made it a joyous place for anyone to visit. Citadel of Ail, House Rune's main university, was the bustling centre for mages, scientists and scholars. The district was the heart of Quarterstone. That was, until an explosion at the Citadel rocked the entire district and magic corrupted it. Nowadays, the Green District is in quarantine as the Enclave desperately tries to uncover all the details concerning the incident.

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NPCs found hereEdit

Elder Scholar Tenneris,

Quests found hereEdit

Mobs found hereEdit

Resources found hereEdit

Reaper's Bane, AIOR Crystal(Node),

Dungeons found hereEdit

Citadel of Ail Level 30-33
Ancestral Forge Level 50