Welcome the the Guild page of the Forsaken Gods! On this page you can read more about the history of the guild, what we stand for and what our vision is about guilds in Spellborn.

The History Edit

While we as a guild have been active on Deiquonril (EU PVP) since the official release of Spellborn in 2008, our actual Spellborn history dates back way longer. Many of our senior and core members have participated in the very early closed beta stages and thereby both shown their love for the game as well as helped to shape its current path. But on the other hand we're far from old and stale. We're actively looking to renew ourselves as the game develops, while maintaining a solid base in both members and guild identity. Beyond that we're on the very front of the Spellborn action - conquering new content, securing the demon chest, prevailing in PvP and doing community work are all there. With the launch by Acclaim we also expanded to Deiquonril US.

Ever since Spellborn launched the live servers Forsaken Gods was actively involved in all the baby steps this game has gone through. Nokthur was the first person to become level 50 and even received a special signed box for both his efforts during beta as his achievements now the game is live. Furthermore four members of the Forsaken Gods (G'Teku, Bergen, Soreece and Nokthur) were the first ever to kill Chelicerata, whom is to be believed the thoughest creature in the game. Even though this creature still has its flaws and even bugs, more and more players are finding their way to kill her as knowledge spreads through the community. The achievement of the Forsaken Gods goes however further than PvE alone as the guild is actively involved in all the PvP aspects on Deiquonril. With the patch 1.04 the Demon Chests were included to the game. It needs 3 separated keys before the chest can be opened and these keys were dropped on unknown locations and creatures. On May the 19th Forsaken Gods again were the fastest in finding all three keys and safely use them to open the chest. Again this was a world-wide first, just before the US Deiquonril server managed to open the chest the same night.

The above does not mean the Forsaken Gods is only interested in winning the race of being the first. The guild actively involves itself with the community through means of organizing events and fights. Since February the guild has been organizing events for the whole server ranging from a simple hide-and-seek game with riddles and small 1on1 Mosh Pit fights, till a full out house vs house fight in Lou's Cavern in Aldenvault. With the arrival of the Arena and league fights, the guild organizes twice a week a training session on tuesdays and thursday. See the weekly Arena trainings page for more information and join the event!

Our identity as a Guild Edit

The guild has a clear structure within the guild with one guild leader and several officers. However there is actually two sides on the same coin, as our guild becomes alive by our active members. Our members are currently designing a whole website from scratch as well as a guildlogo. We thus encourage involvement from our members!

What can you expect from Forsaken Gods ? Edit

  • We are a mature and reasonable guild. Even though we're on PvP server there's no need to get personal and
  • We are an active guild and have a high participation level of our members - if you're just looking for a global chat / help channel, you're approaching the wrong guild.
  • We consist of people with long commitment to the game and the guild, and we expect the same from our members.
  • We seek to be an active community and to be active in the community. That means we constantly have action together as well as organizing events on the server, making videos, helping on the forums and other things. We want members who take part in that and also get active to find their own niche of contribution.

What do we expect from our members ?Edit

  • To join you must have joined a High House - we are open to all High Houses, but are dominantly Rune. If you have not joined a High House yet you can still make contact to find a personal tutor to help you find into the game.
  • We want our members to be active. That does not mean that you need to be online for a certain amount of time each week, but we want to see you around and also take part in active guild life. We also expect to regularly read our internal forum.
  • We provide a Ventrillo server, which we also expect you to use.
  • If you join us you do so because you want to compete at the top. That does not mean you are already the best or that you ever need to be the best - but you're willing to actively try and to learn as you go where needed.

How to contact us? Edit

If you would like to get into contact with us you can always talk to any of our members you come across. Of course you can also go to our guild forum or our guild website.

Movies made by our Guild members Edit


Creator: Borfus


Creator: Borfus


Creator: Borfus

Last minutes of closed beta Europe

Creator: Satyria