Exterminate       Comboopener Mindskill Meleeattack Soulmagic 12sec


  • Mark target (8s), Opener Diffuse
  • Gain 3 ranks Physique if Marked target dies within 8 seconds.

Diffuse: All attackers lose concentration.


You can use the following type of Sigils on this skill:

Skill BreakdownEdit

  • Comboopener - This is a combo opener, use this to open a combo for stronger attacks.
  • Mindskill - This skill's Effect increases if attribute points are added to Mind.
  • Meleeattack - This skill is a melee attack, you need to have a melee weapon equipped in order to use it.
  • Soulmagic - This skill causes a Soul effect.
  • 12sec - This skill has an 12 second cooldown.

Invisible facts:

  • This skill has a 1.5 rotation time.


  • This skill is exclusive to the Skinshifter Discipline.
  • This skill is at level 11, along with skill set 3.