In most MMOs, equipment is an important part of combat; players eventually find the “optimal” build and nearly every high level, hardcore cleric wears the same set of armor. In TCoS, though, “gear is purely for looks,” Selachii explained. “In combat, it has no direct effects. That said, some of your gear works as a container for Sigils, which are items that enhance your stats, however the type of gear you use doesn’t affect the Sigils you can use. As a high level player, you can run around in a cloth and a bare chest and you won’t suffer compared to players in shining armor.”

However, there is some equipment that affects your character by inserting sigils into them. sigils can be inserted into weapons and jewelry. The number of slots a weapon has increases with the character's level. A weapon gets has 3 different sigil slots. Jewelry works differently. The number and kind of sigil slots that jewelry has is dependent on the item's level and rarity.

Potions in TCoS: “We don’t have consumables that give health,” said Selachii. “The consumables in TCoS offer buffs to improve certain situations.” This can mean your max health, or one of your resistances!

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