===Editors addition:===
Though this update is fairly late, I have tested it out this morning, it seems the procedure still works.

EU to US TransferEdit

All the EU players should be able to login into the game and play with their EU characters.

This post explains the process to link your Europe account to an existing or newly created Acclaim account. If you do not have an Acclaim Account, you can register for one in the link below:

1) Before you proceed any further, please login with your Acclaim Account in the game, and create at least one character on both PvP (Deiquonril) and PvE (Dorzhan) Server. Ignore this step, if you already have a character on both servers.

2) Click on the link below where you can link both the EU and US/Acclaim account.

Enter your European and Acclaim/US account details as shown in the image above and click on Submit. Make sure you enter the correct details.

Once you click submit, you should see a ‘Congratulations’ page.

Note: Accounts can be linked only once. After the congratulations page, you will not be able to link your EU and US accounts again.

3) Wait for a minute or two, then launch the game and login with your Acclaim/US account, where you will see an ‘Import’ button on the character selection screen. By clicking this button, you should be able to import all your EU characters.

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