A mysterious treasure of unknown origins has been uncovered in the new patch 1.0.4!

Demon Chests Edit


Door to the Chamber

Located in the basement of the Enclave Palace on the shard of Quarterstone, the Chamber of Cowardice awakens from its slumber. Champions entering the Chamber recognize fallen Maulites and a statue representing one of the Eight Demons.

The statue is lurched over a chest: a treasure chest - a Demon Chest! What kind of wealth and fortune is contained within a chest displayed in such a manner? Who placed it there and why? Should it be approached with caution, with greed or maybe a bit of both?

Its origin unknown, there should be details about the Chest somewhere. A book or scroll on a dusty forgotten shelf perhaps? Maybe in some of the ancient and warped stories passed down within the older bloodlines; deemed to be mere bedtime fairytales, they may be closer to the truth than anyone might expect.

The Chest's build quality is clearly impeccable and its contents are sealed behind three unbreakable locks. They may look similar from a distance, but studying them up close might help in determining the origin or whereabouts of the appropriate keys.

The Demon Chest of Cowardice Edit

Cowardice demon

Cowardice Demon

This the first of the Demon Chests uncovered by the Enclave. It can be found in the basement of the Enclave Palace in the Oracle District of Quarterstone.

Every day, the Chamber to this chest will be accessible for a limited time only. The Chamber opens up in the evening (based on local Universe time) and remains available until the Universe restarts on the following day. The Chamber will also close after the chest has been looted; remaining players will be placed outside of it.

The hallways to the Chamber are not enabled for PvP and allow access to the Chamber from multiple sides. Inside the Chamber, however, High House PvP is activated after a 5 second timer.


The Demon Chest contains three locks, each with their own associated keys:

  • The Key of Cowardice

This one key is unique to the Demon Chest and can only drop from a limited selection of opponents in the game world. It will unlock one specific lock on the Demon Chest.

  • Faction Keys

The other two locks are bound to factions. For Demon Chest of Cowardice, Urvhail and Brotherhood of the Glaive have a chance of carrying these keys around. These faction-keys are not exclusive for use with the Demon Chest, but will be used to access faction related content in the near future.

Player lootingEdit


Demons Chamber

All keys can be looted from player inventories! This means that in a PvP situation, the player who deals the killing blow will receive all the keys currently in possession of the victim. Keys can be looted by other players for an infinite amount of times and can also be traded between players in a more civilized fashion.

Please note that there are no visual indicators to show whether a player carries a key or how many! Happy looting!

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