The Deadspell Storm

After the destruction of the Altar of the Undying, a powerful magical surge sent a shockwave of unrelenting energy throughout the Empire of the Eight Demons covering it wholly in a thick layer of ice and plunging it into a time of utter darkness.

This day scholars still argue on the exact time but at least five centuries later those who destroyed the Altar awoke to find themselves in a world that had changed forever. Their once bright heavens and beautiful skies had turned into a swirling maelstrom of burning magical energy, the remnants of a storm of dead spells. Hence its name: The Deadspell Storm.
A Shardship traveling through the Deadspell Storm

A gigantic maelstrom of magical energies in any form, it holds together all Shards, Fragments and Raftyards of what used to be the Ancestor World. Energy waves in the Deadspell Storm flow in a certain direction forming two pulsating ends. The light they emit grows dim or bright over time in consistent cycles. This effect provides the Shards with day and night.

Where the Deadspell Storm founds its origin is lost to all, but it can be best described as a sea of powerful magical energy that stretches as far as the eye can see. It is not known where, or in fact, if the Deadspell Storm ever comes to an end. Its vastness is unfathomable and although the survivors of the Ancestor World found ways to travel within its many twisting corridors and folds, none know where those might eventually lead. Floating within the Deadspell Storm are the remnants of the once beautiful Ancestor World. These Floating chunks of rock and stone are known as shards and serve as sanctuaries for both humanity as well as the numerous creatures that once roamed forests, swam in seas and soared through skies.

How many of these shard realms actually exist within the Deadspell Storm is everyone’s guess, but players can visit four of these shards when the game releases. Additional shards will be available to players through future content updates.


Information from TentonHammer