The Combo system is Spellborn's way of replacing the critical chance system that is present is other mmorpgs. It also adds a new dimension to combat allowing players to alter not only themselves but others mid battle.

Instead of just rewriting what is in the basic description of the combo system. The devs of Spellborn did a great Q & A session with the community members. Allow them a chance to ask there own questions about the combo system.


Q: How many different combo effects will each class generally have? Will some classes have more options for combos then others?

A: All classes have an equal amount of combo possibilities, 3 openers and 3 finishers.

Q: Will there be arch type based combos used only with arch type skills and sub-class combos special for each of the nine classes?

A: The openers are based on archetype; the finishers are based on subclass.

Q: What's the current highest number of skills that can be performed creating one chain?

A: 8

Q: Do the skills between the finished and starter also need a specific sequence? Will combo chains be broken if you make another move in between the opening move and the end move, that’s not a "middle" move? For example, you do opener and then 3 random skills and then finish off... Will the combo then be valid or will the combo fail?

A: No, any attack following a combo opener is considered part of the combo sequence. The only skill type that cannot be executed while in a combo string is combo opener. After starting a combo sequence, using an opener, other openers will be disabled. This is something that needs to be considered when building your deck. The combo length is variable, if you execute a finishing move after building 3 combo points, the combo is executed successfully, but the bonus will be lower.

Q: Will there be skills that can be used for multiple combos?

A: Each finisher can be used in combination with each opener. All skills can be used for combos. Skills can even be used multiple times within the same combo sequence.

Q: Will using different combo skills within the combo change the outcome? Or are combos only aimed at the finisher?

A: No, the opener and finisher determine the buffs/benefits.

Q: Are there plans for combos for groups? Or special combos for different factions? Or even combos which you will need a partner for, to execute it?

A: No, apart from the obvious benefit that some combo’s might drastically lower a stat which might benefit your teammates more then yourself.

Q: Does combo's work for healing spell? Say if I choose to be a sort of "healer" and stay in the background and heal the group, will I then be able to pull of combos using only healing spells which increases amount of health healed?

A: Yes, any skill can be used for combo points, some of the openers and finishers are aimed towards healing benefits as well.

Q: Will we see which spells are starters/finisher? Does it say in the spell tooltip if the spell is Combo Starter/Linker/Finisher etc?

A: An icon in the spellbook indicates the combo type, the effect is listed in the tooltip.

Q: It was said that combos will not be needed to win battles. So how much of an advantage say would I have if I used them against a person who didn't? Taking into account we are both on a level playing field in terms of skill.

A: How much? About a liter. What I mean is, the advantage depends per opener/finisher and how it’s being used. I can’t really express the ‘optimal’ effect one can achieve.

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