Frogster And Mindscape (EU/International Servers) closed Edit

Due to Spellborn Ltd. going bancrupt, European servers were closed. All players were offered a free transfer onto US Acclaim servers. While The Chronicles of Spellborn is being remade into Free to Play title, Acclaim continues to support servers as they were during Pay to Play, offering free unlimited access for everyone interested. According to the final newsletter from Spellborn Ltd., latest EU patch was setting EU client to connect to US servers.

Acclaim (US Servers)Edit


Server location: Los Angeles, California, the USA

Download Client
Register Acclaim Account

Downloading client Edit

After you register your account you'll be redirected straight to Download page, where you can get the Acclaim Downloader. After you save it on your computer, run it, choose destination folder for The Chronicles of Spellborn installation files and it'll start downloading them.

Total size of installation files is 3GB in 3 files.

After all files are downloaded you can install the client. Normally, installation will be automaticaly lauched when download is complete. If it didn't, then go to download folder and launch .exe file there. Then simply follow instructions of the installer software.

Manual patching Edit

Many players who are unable to update the patch automatically through launcher, can download the patch manually. Current Version is

Please read before you try the steps below

1) The user needs to know what is the client he has on his PC. To check this, run the client to check your client version at the bottom of the launcher. This can be seen in the image below:


2) The current version is Once you know your client version, you only need to download patch files beyond your client version. For example: If user has he needs to download every single patch file to the latest version, currently that is.

3) Make sure the extensions of the files are visible. If not do the following:

a. Start >> Control Panel
b. Double Click Folder Options
c. Click on VIEW
d. Under 'Files and Folders' make sure the check mark is disabled next to 'Hide Extensions for files and folders'
e. Click OK.
I have given the links to the files in order and will update this post with every new patch.

4) Once you have downloaded the above files, move them to:

(default) C:\Program Files\The Chronicles of Spellborn\_patch

5) Rename the files to remove the _ at the end of the extension. For example the file should be renamed as by removing only the Underscore character at the end.

6) Double click the files in order. First click on and once it is installed, double click on and so on.

7) You don't have to click on the sb_patch.1_0_5_2.pfz file

Once the above steps are completed, launch the client, and you should see the version on the launcher.

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