"There are some people in the Enclave that don't really care about what happened inside. Others try to actually prevent adventurers and heroes such as yourself from entering. Simply because you might discover what they are vehemently trying to keep hidden". - Rune Scholar Pampe Liska

Citadel of ail is a level 30-35 dungeon located in the Green District of Quarterstone. The entrance of this lies to the northern end of the area, on the height of the walkway. Ancestral Forge is also located in this area, though seeing that that is a level 50 dungeon, it is not recommendable to mix the two up.


  • Make sure you have some inventory space
  • Discuss loot rules with your party members. A good rule is to agree on using greed for every resource / waste item. And use need for the boss drops that you want.
  • Bring along some food. Sauteed Fungi works excellent. It is a lvl 20 food item that increases health generation by 5. If your healer crashes on you, you'll be cursing the seven sigils if you don't have any of these with you!

The BossesEdit

There are three bosses you will encounter in this order; Becks, Pooch & Tack and finally Amsell.

Becks can be soloed, however you will need regenfood. Preferebly the lvl 30 ones but depending on your self healing skills you might do with a cheaper kind. Take into consideration that this can take up to 20 minutes, perhaps longer, to complete!

The normal mobs in this instance are very weak. Their damage output is really low and half the time they don't do anything at all. They do however have alot of HP (8k~) and use alot of crippling attacks draining your physique in no time. Running past them to the bosses is easy, but take into consideration that you will be running with no physique at some points and you will take damage.

For every boss the general rule is; DO NOT aggo until your party is complete and ready to fight! The instance works with a door system. When you start fighting a boss, the doors in that room will close. Noone will be able to enter or exit the room until the fight is over.

Administrator BecksEdit


Administrator Becks (Click to Enlarge)

Administrator Becks is a big sack of uglyness, much like his pal Amsell. Make sure that everyone has their weapons drawn before engaging! Becks opens with a massive Area of Attack skill doing around 1.5k - 2k dmg! His normal hits vary from 400 to 900dmg, just make sure everyone is above 2k health so that his AoE attack does not kill anyone.

Becks is a bit buggy, he tends to walk to the door and hug it, if he is left alone too long he will regenerate health. Try to keep him in the middle of the room to prevent this.

On the right side of Becks there is a big bell that you can interact with. If you use it, that person will be transported to a room with a couple of normal monsters, kill those and Becks will take triple damage. (need verification on this) It is not necessary to use this though.

After defeating Becks, the doors open and you can move up the staircase.

Pooch and TackEdit


Pooch... or is it Tack? (Click to Enlarge)

The second boss are guardian dogs named Pooch and Tack. They can be pulled seperatly increasing your chance of survival. Though they are not incredible powerful they can still pack a punch without heals or buffs. If you do pull both at the same time, split up your party and fight them. A good solution is to have a warrior solo one, using Disarm as much as possible to reduce damage taken.

Pooch uses normal melee hits, nothing really worth mentioning but they can hurt. Tack does the same except he can teleport you away from him. It does no damage but it disorients you. Tack seems to have less resistance then Pooch, and dies faster. So far, it seems that Pooch has a higher chance of dropping the APP necklace (best drop in this instance). However it has been said that any mob in the instance can drop it.

After disposing the guardian dogs, move up the staircase again and into the final room. Before entering its a good idea to discuss the tactics for Amsell.

Chancellor AmsellEdit


Amsell (Click to Enlarge)

Chancellor Amsell is in a big room, really nice looking place. Around him in the corners of the room are four crystals. As soon as Amsell starts his conversation, his minions will spawn. Destroy the crystals and the summoning will stop. Now kill the minions as fast as possible and make sure that you stay out of range of Amsell. Do not destroy the crystals if he has not started his conversation/summoning. This will cause him to keep summoning to no end and you will be overrun with angry little fat ugly minions!

After there are no minions left, kite Amsell around the room. Make sure that he does not walk into any obstacles because that might cause him to fall through the floor.

Keep kiting him and keep using ranged attacks. He's not that bad in the end. His special move is a lifetap that damages for around 1,5 - 2k dmg and heals him for 10k hp! Also he has a Damage over Time spell that is quite powerful. Keep an eye out for that.

When you get him to 20%HP he stops fighting and returns to the middle of the room. This is called the Rune Sequence. Runes on the floor will light up dimly, a player must step on it and it will light up brighter. Make sure all runes are lit up, but do not step on a rune another player has activated (can possibly cause a crash of the instance) After all are lit up, Amsell dies and the last door opens. The repository lies at the end!


Of couse as a vital part of all dungeon life: The Loot.

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Tempest Reaver

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