Disclaimer: This article has not been written in order to gain or lose any of the publishers customers, it has merely been created to properly inform current and future users of their possibilities on choosing a client so that if they do not like one, they do not give up on the game, but rather try the other.

Why Choose?Edit

Though there are multiple types of servers, one group of players is not obligated to play on the servers of one or another. For instance, someone from America can play on the mindscape/frogster servers with his or her European friends. The same goes for people from the frogster/mindscape areas who want to play with acclaim. The choice of server is free for the individual to choose, but to put the facts in a row for those uncertain this page is here.

Frogster And Mindscape (EU/International Servers)Edit


Server Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

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Acclaim (US Servers)Edit


Server location: Los Angeles, California, the USA

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